Business trip. Night 2

ses55__01978Since there was a tub in the hotel I was staying at I was going to try if its possible to get out of the tub if you are bound.(See here and here). And not just bound but also lubricated with J-Lube.

On the photos below you might guess what additional “entertainment” I was using:

I will publish a full report later, but in the case you are curious…

No, it’s not possible to get out of the tub if you are bound without hurting or injuring yourself really badly. I see only two methods:

  • Head first (you will fall on the floor with your head going first)
  • Legs first (you will have to use your face to push you out)

Lubricants make every position very unstable.

The bottom line is: taking a lubricated “bath” while bound is a lot of fun, but do not leave the keys/knife outside of the tub. Most likely you will stuck.

7 thoughts on “Business trip. Night 2”

  1. Well done Ra! As always you have excelled yourself in providing yet another brilliant scene – love the ‘latex mummy’ look! ;-)) looking forwards to a more detailed report on your exploits


  2. heh, yeah, i left the keys outside the tub when i did it, but my feet weren’t that well bound so i was able to get out that way … would have been tons more fun if i had access to the toys you have

  3. Maid Heather, you mentioned that your tub was shallow, right? The one on the picture is ~50cm deep. Probably that’s why you were able to get out and I was not.

    Speaking of the toys… Yeah, collected over more than 10 years 😉

  4. That looks like a lot of fun. I once did something similar using gladwrap and timed water release. There was one litte twist I had a layer of wrap covered with BenGay and ballooned my play thing. Oh, that is where the key was attached. 🙂

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