self-bondage selfbondage in latex mummification enemaWhat is your pleasure / (preparation + cleaning) time ratio? Mine is still decreasing. I was going to test something new , so I spent more than 4 hours preparing, 3 hour washing/cleaning and around an hour enjoying. and I haven’t “post processed” pictures and published the description yet. That will gonna take 4 more hours.

That’s crazy…

OK, the idea I was testing is called “suffer or stay bound”. In short: in order to get free you need to get down from a bed and crawl to the knife. But as long as your level gets lower the prepared enema kicks in. When you are on the bed – there is no flow because the levels are the same.

Two possibilities:

1. You are tied to the bed via the ice-locks. So you can’t move until the ice melts.

2. You are NOT tied to the bed. and free to move. But the knife is hanging out of your reach using ice-in-stocking technique. And you do not know if the knife is released. To check it, you need to get down to the floor and crawl to the place the knife is supposed to be. And get the enema. If the knife is not there – suffer for not having patience.

A variation is connecting the enema bag filled with a nasty liquid (piss?) to your gag. Or use two enema bags: one to the gag, one to the butt-plug  :-)

I was testing the 1st method.

I was wearing the following:

  • latex pantyhose with piss condom
  • latex surf-suit
  • latex opera length gloves
  • latex single stocking
  • latex strait-jacket
  • inflatable latex hood with build in inflatable gag with a piss tube connected to the piss condom
  • enema butt-plug

The enema bag was tied to the bed post, and I was tied to the same post via the ice padlock.

I was bound in a very simple way:

  • ankles
  • above and below knees
  • wrists (wrist coil – cinch noose – pulling cord – ice padlock)

Everything worked as expected, however the enema bag should be placed higher, but there was nothing around to hang it from. Also, the street temperature was not low enough, so the ice-padlock opened within 30 min.

See the complete Session 59 here.

Please let me know if you have comments or ideas on how to improve these scenarious.