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Pantyhose single-glove
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Do not try this method unless you are either flexible (you must be able to easily put your hand between your shoulder blades without any help) or strong enough to tear the pantyhose (you are using as a single glove) apart with your arms pinched together behind your back (even if they fall asleep).

Put on you favourite fetish clothes and desirable bondage. A nice gag is a must here. Better use the "hermetically sealed" once, to guarantee unrestricted breathing, otherwise saliva will damp the pantyhose in front of your nose. You can try the DIY gag/hood.

Take a pair of pantyhose and put one "leg " over your head. (If the material is too strechy or thin, you can try two or more pairs of pantyhose.)

Leave the second leg dangling behind you. Pull the pantyhose over your shoulders. Make sure that the "neck" part of the leg does not get twisted (to prevent strangling).

Pull the waistband down with the elbow of your "first" arm and shove the "second" arm into the empty pantyhose "leg" behind you while.

Then insert the "first" arm. Your arms and (most important) elbows are tightly bound behind your back!

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