blue shiny pantyhose transparent latex pantsAs I said here, many years ago I did not buy Philippe MatignonCool summer 8den” in very light blue colour. I wanted only one pair, but the minimum amount was 5. And that was the last time I saw them. Since that time I have a “blue dream” (errrmmm … not just one dream, by the way, I have many more ;-).

Hence I did not hesitate a second to grab the last “envelope” with Kunert Colours pantyhose in the colour called “Azzuro/140”. Moreover they were on sale (discounted from €5 to €4) in either Karstadt or Kaufhof in Munich.

Unfortunately, the result was disappointing. Yes, I love the texture, smoothness, fit, transparency, shine, price, everything, except one thing… The colour… It was not the same as in either “my blue dream” or the envelope.

On the other hand the tights matched my new blue shorts made out of transparent latex (see here).