Amsterdam? Rotterdam? Butt-plugs!

kabouter_buttplug-01Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the biggest cities in the Netherlands. OK, that’s a known fact. Both cities have havens. Another fact. Both cities are named after dams. The list of similarities can go on and on, but there is one similarity which can not be called a well-known: both cities have butt-plug memorials.

The first one is in Rotterdam. It’s a 6m sculpture called “Santa-Claus” and is made by an American contemporary artist Paul McCarthy. Some see a dwarf with an ice-cream, some see a gnome with a Christmas tree, but the semiofficial name is “Dwarf with a butt-plug”. Or Kabouter Buttplug (In Dutch).

Apparently, one Butt-plug was not enough for Mr. McCarthy and he created a 24m high inflatable one (was displayed in Antwerp in 2007). See the image below.

450px-national_monument_-_amsterdam_nlThe second is the National monument on Dam square in Amsterdam.

If someone is not familiar with what butt-plugs look like, see below for a couple of examples.

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