Business trip. Day-Evening 1. Jogging is boring

The day began with a couple of supermarkets. Mineral water, batteries for the flash (I have some naughty plans) and “nur Die” pantyhose. Suddenly I discovered that cheap pantyhose from supermarkets are not that bad at all. So I bought nur Die “Transparent in Pearl” and Tan colours. Ohhh… I love thin sheer shiny pantyhose…

At the end of the day I went to the gym to test my new weights. Personally I find jogging (and swimming) extremely boring, so to make it shorter I use wrist/ankle weights and to make it funnier I “spice it up” a bit. Apart from my standard pantyhose with water-polo swimsuit (under short leggings and a thin nylon t-shirt) I used ben-wa balls. Just put them in a condom, insert wherever you feel more appropriate and enjoy. I bet women would love them more. Most interesting is going downstairs and jumping.

Then, since the next door from the gym is a water pool, it looked quite logical to go there. There was nobody, so I jumped in the shower in my 40den skin coloured pantyhose and black swimsuit. I swam in that pool dressed like that last time. But now just when I was going to jump in the water, a young pair entered the second shower (there are two semi closed showers)… And I chickened out… I stayed in the shower a bit longer thinking that they will go away, but they were still enjoying the shower, so I passed them in open view (the guy was looking at me), took the towel and disappeared… Crap…

On the bright note, I fixed the broken epilator 😉

6 thoughts on “Business trip. Day-Evening 1. Jogging is boring”

  1. oh, second discovery during your trip 😉
    but i don’t think they would mind it

  2. I’m not even sure if the guy could tell if “that person” was a man. On the other hand, my face was not shaved for two days. And I’m pretty sure that they did not notice pantyhose despite the thickness (40den). They were sheer to waist, wet and literally “see through”.

  3. I just couldn’t do it 🙁

    The best I’ve ever managed is to go shopping with 4 pairs of pantyhose on and a butt-plug in (all under my jeans and t-shirt). It felt good, and gave a strange thrill, but I was in constant fear of being discovered (or knocked over by a car – can you imagine what it would be like in the hospital?).

    You’re a true fetishist Ra!


  4. I stopped worrying about someone’s noticing me wearing pantyhose years ago. I simply don’t care. I bet neither do the others. All you need to do is to convince your mind, stay calm and behave naturally. The more naturally you behave the more naturally you will look. The less interest you will provoke (unless it’s that interest you are after, of course).

    But that comes with practice. And I haven’t got that practice with swimsuits (yet 😉

  5. yeah like madjack, i can’t really muster the courage to wear pantyhose in public (for others to see)

  6. Clam, it takes time and practice 😉 I can’t say I wear pantyhose publicly because I like like the others to see that I’m wearing pantyhose, no. I like the look&feel the pantyhose give. I will wear them regardless if there’s someone around to look at me.

    OTOH, I will not wear pantyhose, swimsuits or whatever associated with fetish “visibly” where it “feels inappropriate”. E.g. martial arts training.

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