I like the colour. Who makes them?

Harisnya in blue pantyhoseI know I can ask Harisnya (the guy behind e-mancipate.net) about the brand (usually he does not disclose the brand if the pantyhose are not explicitly made for men), but probably there are more manufactures out there who make sheer (15den maximum) pantyhose in very light blue colour.

About 15 years ago I did not buy Philippe MatignonCool summer 8den” in this fantastic colour. OK, fantastic for me, because of some reminiscences from my childhood (psychoanalytics – go away!). But since then I have never seen such pantyhose again.

Any advises?

3 thoughts on “I like the colour. Who makes them?”

  1. I think it was a simple Calzedonia model that we purchased in an outlet with my stylist. It was really a nothing-special type of pantyhose; it didn’t even had the smooth silky feeling.

  2. Thanks Harisnya! They look good on the photo, though I would prefer them a bit more transparent and with a hint of sheen. And thanks for the warning about Calzedonia 😉

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