Business trip. Day 4. Ice for the self-bondage time-locks

Snow and ice for selfbondage ice-locksIf you are a selfbondager, winter is best season to be on a business trip. The reason is simple: you can get ice or snow for your ice time-locks (see Ice-Padlock 4)or stockings almost anywhere. Just look at the pictures. Any size you want. But please be careful and make sure there is no stone or a piece of wood inside one of those monsters.

Snow and ice for self-bondage time-locks and stokingsIf there is a river, spring, lake or a pond nearby, better grab a transparent piece of ice from there. And look carefully through the ice.

Another method is to make a tight snow ball from clean snow.

And finally you can freeze water in your own ice-locks. All you need is a plastic bottle, two show laces and water (see, for example Ice Padlock 1 or DIY ice based time-lock). Leave the bottle outside (on a balcony?) for a day, when you are away on business, and check it in the evening.

Commercial ice locks is also an option.

More methods can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Business trip. Day 4. Ice for the self-bondage time-locks”

  1. Hi Ra!

    You’re a true self-bondager – always looking for the opportunities to have some fun! 🙂

    I do think there is a possible down-side to winter, at least in my house – the time for ice to melt in a cold/cooler house (or hotel room) needs to be factored in to your release plans.

    My bedside max/min thermometer has shown tempratures as low as 7C (even with the heating on) – that’s going to slow down the melt of any ice by a considerable amount (and you’ll start to feel cold quickly if you’re only dressing a couple of pairs of pantyhose!)

    Play safe


  2. 7°C??? Are you kidding??? That’s way too cold for the house! The normal temperature is ~19-20°. I would not survive at 7°…

    Speaking of hotel rooms. Usually they are much warmer (at least in Germany) and you always have the opportunity to make them as warm as you like.

    Just what you need if you are going to wear latex. Cold rooms and latex do not mix…

  3. yup…trust me, 7C is way too cold!!!

    Old Victorian houses in the UK are not noted for their winter warmth. I think it’s to do with ‘Victorian values’ – they would be horrified if you went to bed wearing less then three layers of clothing! Why, you’d be as good as naked!!

    Of course, if was on my own I would be very tempted by many layers of nylon and lycra….

    Roll on summer!


  4. Victorian era… What else is associated with the word Victorian?

    Victorian fashion (1882):

    Look at the kids. Typical fetish stuff! 😉

    Victorian corsets:

    And now Victorian houses are associated with (self)-bondage 😉

    Anything else?

  5. I knew there was something else about the Victorians that I liked! You can always dress the part 😉

    Then there is also the cellar (so many options), those high ceilings (fun, fun, fun!), the solid walls (makes all your fittings secure) and the wooden floors (explain away the holes by blaming woodworm.

    I still can’t wait for summer though!


  6. …and how do I insert some clever links into this ‘comment’ ? I had found some funky victoriana on eBay to share, but didn’t want to paste the whole url string.

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