Two new contributed self-bondage stories

self-bondage session

Two new contributed self-bondage stories have been added:

I suspect that the second story is not quite real. If you notice anything strange or quite the contrary – useful, please drop a note here or in the forum.

2 thoughts on “Two new contributed self-bondage stories”

  1. Welcome to Aurora!

    Excellent peice and so good to see someone willing to share their real experience. I was begining to think Ra and I where going to be the only brave souls to release (ha! unintended self-bondage joke) our photo-stories.

    It’s more difficult with the second story – I’d like to think it was real, but like Ra, I’m not convinced. There are some very excellent fictional self-bondage stories and they do have their place in our world, be they inspirational or just very sexy!

    Personally I enjoy both the well written extreme fantasies (you know the ones – “…as I dangled 100m up in the air, I knew I was 4 hours from freedom…’) and the down to earth realities of a flawed but fun real self-bondage session (and we all know these ‘…the padlock refused to lock…’!) – but lets be real and seperate them out, to enjoy them for what they are.


    Ps. The 5 star rating is for Aurora – more please!

  2. OK, as I thought I’m not the only one who doubt the reality of the second story. Let’s create a separate place for self-bondage fiction. How would you call that section? Self-bondage fiction? Self-bondage stories? Selfbondage dreams? Or drop them in Selfbondage ideas?

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