What is the fetish sport #1? Water polo

Shiny water-polo swmsuitWater polo. Your associations?

These are mine: tight, skin tight, very tight, extremely tight one-piece shiny slippery water and hands repellent swimsuits, rubber trunks, and (of course) perfectly shaped athletes (but still, mostly swimsuits ;-). A paradise for swimsuits fetishists.

Water polo is an extreme sport with lots of fighting (see video below). And the only piece of clothes the under-water-fighters are wearing is a water polo special swimsuit. Hence the requirements. It must be skin tight and slippery to avoid grabbing, it must sit in place when grabbed to avoid “peeling off”, it must be robust enough to avoid tearing when grabbed and pulled (see photos below).

Indeed, have a look at the photos below. The suits are so tight that they cut into skin, reduce waist as corsets, and emphasize abdomen muscles. I can imagine that they are not as comfortable as recreational one-piece swimsuits, because when not in the water the “water-poloers” (errrmmm … how do you call them? 😉 unzip the suits (see photos).

See, for example, this post about the rubber extra tight “The Dominator” swimsuit. To zip it up the both side of the swimsuit must be pulled together with considerable effort. I would not be surprised if it’s not possible to zip such suits up alone.

The materials are also a bit different from the ones used for “usual” “vanilla” swimsuits. Apart from polyamide/nylon/lycra/elasthan, latex/rubber, PVC and neoprene are widely used.

This is what the sporters say:

“In general, a lot of people get their suits ripped — I’ve been in games where 10 different girls have had their bathing suits ripped off and had to change, but I think that the more brutal stuff that happens are the cheap shots. I think a lot of people can see the punching and the kicking and stuff like that, but the kind of thing that I find really stands out are the things that everyone else would call really cheap. You get a lot of boob grabbing, people trying to grab your nipples and twist them. I know that I’ve come out of games with my boobs looking like leopard print from the bruises. A lot of girls like to go after the boobs — it’s a sensitive part of a girl’s body. There is a lot of pinching and scratching. […] The worst was that I’ve had the crotch of my bathing suit grabbed and was given like a frontal wedgie. The worst part is, when you play international there is like an underwater video camera, so girls get really hardcore exposed. I know on the men’s side, too, there are a lot of exposed genitals underwater. I think a lot of the more dirty, aggressive girls like to go for the crotch and that ends up being really uncomfortable and very painful.”

The source: Underwater brutality.

What I really miss here is pantyhose…

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  1. man, im gonna have to find that speedo water polo suit (i couldnt find it on their website), that looks good!

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