Zentai dress? Stocking dress? Glove dress?

I do not know how to call this piece of clothes: a zentai dress, a stocking dress, a glove dress or a semi-transparent lycra cocoon sheath dress with long sleeves and built-in gloves. Looks gorgeous in any case.

Most likely the dress is created specially for the photo session, but I wonder if there’s a place where such things can be bought for reasonable money (hello our Chinese friends, see what I mean? wink-wink 😀 )

Photos by Olga Egoraeva (Ольга Егораева)
Model: Iva

5 thoughts on “Zentai dress? Stocking dress? Glove dress?”

  1. Madjack ” wrote:

    or if you have the money

    Latex rubber Dress Binder catsuit zentai(very sexy)

    Yeah, seen this one. Looks very interesting. And I think it can be used for self-bondage.

  2. D.V. ” wrote:

    Check them out and see what they can do.

    Their “50% discount ready to wear” department is on my radar. But so far haven’t found anything worth buying.

    Also not sure about the location (US). Fets-fash and DHYA are in EU, so there should not be any import taxes and the shipment costs should be lower. They offer interesting materials, but DHYA is more fetish oriented and their designs include, for example, hoods.

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