Erection of the day. Pink latex dress and stockings

When I stumbled upon this photo my first reaction was: I do not like such stockings, I do not like the open top of the dress, I do not like finger-less gloves, I do not like bare skin … mmm … rather no…

But then I imagined myself dressed in these clothes… With no underwear, with arms bound behind my back, on high heels… In public or in a crowded club…

Instant erection. I almost “touched” the silky creamy pink latex with my cock. Yes, mostly it was my imagination, what “extrapolated” the image further (of course, “later” I “added” a big dildo, a gag, deep-throating, etc), but the starting point was the photo.

And that gave me an idea of keeping all “instant erections” in one place. If something gave you an erection (it does not matter if you’re a boy or a girl), please post the “reason” in the “Erection of the day” forum thread. Whether it is a photo, a drawing, a story, something from your daily life, post it there.

Via Sarah Wilkinson (Google+)

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