There was another blackout. The official reason – excessive SPAM led to CPU/memory overload and overusage.

Not sure if it indeed was the problem (I think it was overloaded MySQL), but the amount of SPAM the site has been getting since October last year is crazy (see the graph). Blocking IP’s does help a bit, but I’m afraid I will have to block the whole Internet over a couple of years.

As you may have noticed, I made commenting as easy as possible. No registration, no user name, no mail required. It’s only the text I’m after. However, some legit comments are positively labelled by Akismet as SPAM. Usually I go down the list of SPAM messages and check them manually, but sometimes I’m too late, sometimes I miss the “ham” (Akismet jargon). So, if you think that your comment is missing, please resend it again (excuses for the trouble).

The current solution is to use Captcha. It’s not “prettyfied” yet, I still need to change the page styles, but it’s already working. Try it and let me know (in the forum, via email or see Contact.

If it does not work and the performance is still suffering, I will have to change the hosting plan. But that will cost me $528 for two years ($22 a month).