The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 70-77

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Chapter 70

With the key now set up, I was ready to begin the final adventure for the evening. Miko was taking several photos of the key release device then she asked me if I wanted to pose in my boots and corsets. She told me she wanted to get some more of the fetish type-dressing for pleasure photos. I agreed and thought it would be fun.

Miko asked me to put on my gloves on to complete the outfit. I did so. I was now a vision of black leather. Between the boots, corset, and now the gloves everything was black. It was also tight fitting, and I loved it. I posed sitting on the stool, bending over the stool, with my legs crossed and even with a glass of wine. Miko asked me if I minded holding a lit cigarette. She said that it would give the photos a “classic” look and the smoke would add to the surreal background. I quickly agreed.

Miko walked over and removed a cigarette from her purse and lit it, blowing a thin stream of smoke towards the ceiling, obviously enjoying the feel. She then handed it to me to hold, showing me how to hold the cigarette between my index and middle fingers. I held the long white smoke between my two fingers of kid leather. The contrast was very sharp and the rising cloud of smoke cast an eerie feeling. Miko took several more photos of me dressed in my leather holding the cigarette in a variety of typical positions. She told me that I looked the part of a stern dominatrix and the cigarette added to the part. I had to agree with her statement. I always felt that when I watched Jennifer smoke, she really got into the part of being dominant. There was something that smoking added to the scene. Kind of a “bad girl” image as she was tying me up. I smiled. Me a dominatrix, huh? And to think this “dominatrix” is about to tie herself up for the camera. It was ironic to say the least. Miko finally finished this portion of the photo shoot. I handed the cigarette back to her and she took one last drag and then put it out. She told me she hated to waste a good cigarette.

Finally Miko told me to begin with the self-bondage and she would try and capture the aspects and techniques. We discussed how long I had before the key fell to the ground and that if she wanted to speed things along by putting the key on the floor a few minutes after I finished, I would understand. It was getting late in the evening. Miko just smiled and told me to wait and see how things went.

I took one last sip of wine and set the glass down. I walked over to the pile of restraints and picked up the chastity belt with the one plug, the set of handcuffs that Miko was playing with, and two small locks. I took all this to the bathroom. Miko followed with camera in hand.

I removed my gloves and set them down on the bathroom counter top. I then proceeded to strap the two inch waist belt tightly around my waist over the corset. Attached to the belt in back was a long one inch crotch strap. It just hung between my booted legs for now.

I picked up the plug and showed it to Miko. She took a few photos then asked to see it. I turned it on for her and she just smiled. I explained to her the how the vibrator worked and that once turned on, it would randomly turn off and on for several minutes. It can be such a tease. It was a special order from a small company overseas. The batteries would last about ninety minutes. Miko just smiled, and told me that the vibrator was almost as good as a man, sometimes on, sometimes off. We laughed. The batteries would last for more than enough to get through the night’s last scene. The vibrator would at least keep the bondage interesting.

I quickly lubricated the plug, carefully centered it and then inserted it. That feeling of fullness was once again present. Miko was on her knees in front me taking several photos. I just smiled at her and told she was really a pervert. She laughed and said that Jennifer would really like these photos also.

I reached through my legs and pulled the strap up back toward the front of my waist. Before I buckled the strap to the front of the waist belt, I reached down and turned on the vibrator. It started instantly. I caught my breath. I then brought the strap up to my waist belt and threaded it through its keeper and hasp. I then locked the belt tightly in place. The one inch crotch strap was buried deep between the folds of my labia. The plug was not coming out.

Chapter 71

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. The corset was sleek and very restrictive and was in sharp contrast to the whiteness of my firm breasts. I slowly cupped each breast as if I was judging their weight. My fingers glided over each nipple bringing them to full attention. This slow build up prior to the actual self-bondage fun was most enjoyable. Miko stood back and continued to take more photos.

I reached down and picked up the handcuffs and another small lock and locked the cuffs to the D-ring attached to the back of the chastity belt. When my wrists were locked in the handcuffs, my arms would be effectively tied to my body. I smiled at Miko. I was ready to begin the next phase.

I picked up my gloves, turned on my heels and headed out of the bathroom with Miko in tow. She commented on how she liked the way the leather strap was in sharp contrast to the cheeks of my rear end. I just turned and smiled at her telling her that it feels even better than it looks.

As we walked, Miko asked me what happens if the key doesn’t fall or I can’t find it etc. I told her that sometimes I call Jennifer to stand by for me and that if I didn’t call her back in a few hours, she was to come over and help me. Jennifer likes these games and has at times shown up early to take advantage of the situation. Miko nodded. I also told her about the back up safety that I use. In fact, if she wanted to photograph it, I’d set up for her. Miko agreed.

I walked over to the wet bar and pulled a large glass pitcher from the cabinet. I filled it with water. I then placed the pitcher on the edge of the wet bar. I walked over to the restraint bag and pulled out a long thin rope and another set of keys that opened my handcuffs and thumbcuffs. I tied the keys about twelve inches from one end of the rope. I then tied that end of the rope to the handle of the pitcher. The rest of the rope was draped out on the floor. Miko took several photos. I explained to her that if something happened and the ice and key device didn’t work, I could struggle over to the pitcher and pull the key down. The consequences was that I would probably break the pitcher and spill the water. I also explained to her, that at home I use oil, or grape juice that would really make a mess so it would have to be a real emergency for me to get this key. Obviously I wouldn’t choose to use a glass container because I would have to crawl through broken glass to get to the key. Having the consequences of a large mess makes me think twice about trying to take the easy way out of my bondage. Being tired is not one of those things that I count as an emergency. I told Miko that I have been lucky to date and haven’t had to use this device. Miko just smiled in amazement. Never had she realized all the details and forethought that someone could put into tying themselves up. I smiled, stepped back and shrugged my shoulders. A fetish, that’s what it was called.

The ice and key device was just starting to make a small wet spot in the carpet. It was time to begin the bondage fun. At this point, I usually check that the doors are locked and the curtains drawn but with the location of the penthouse and the fact that Miko was there, I didn’t worry about them this time.

I walked over to the center of the room and carefully sat on the floor next to my pile of restraints. Sitting down was difficult due to the boots and the restriction of the corset. Miko hovered around in the background taking both photos and video as needed.

I picked up the first long strap, crossed my booted ankles and begin to wrap the black strap tightly around my two legs just above the heels. I stopped often to catch my breath. I just love corsets, just like boots, they are almost a bondage by themselves. I quickly buckled the strap using the roller buckle. I repeated the same process with additional straps just below and above the knees and then one last one on my bare thighs above the boots. My legs were now one piece of black leather boots and straps. I explained to Miko that being cross ankled like this made standing almost impossible especially with the stiffness of the boots and the height of the heels. She nodded in agreement.

I next picked up the collar and buckled it around my neck. A small pad lock secured its position. I was explaining each step to Miko as I went along. I then picked up the thin leather blindfold and was ready to begin the final steps.

I put the gloves across my lap for later retrieval and checked to see that the ball gag and thumbcuffs were within easy reach. I placed the blindfold to my eyes and brought the two straps around my head and buckled them tightly. The thin leather molded to my face sealing off all light.

I mentioned to Miko again that after she had the photos and the video she wanted, she could go ahead and get the key for me and we would wrap up the evening. Miko said OK and continued to snap photos. The gag was next.

Before I gagged myself, Miko asked me why I like gloves so much. I told her they added to the fetish look, protected my wrists, and they made opening the cuffs a little more difficult due to it’s harder to find the key hole with the gloves on. I also told her, I’d show her later when I was free. Miko said she was looking forward to it. She laughed.

I picked up the head harness and ball gag and placed the ball to my wet lips. This ball was medium sized and would fill my mouth completely. Just as I was about to insert it, Miko asked why I was putting the harness over the blindfold. I smiled and told her that it tended to keep the blindfold in place better and that this way I couldn’t remove it by rubbing it on the carpet. Such tricks I have, she told me.

I inserted the gag and it came to rest in its familiar resting spot behind my teeth. I buckled the two straps tightly behind my neck over my hair. I pulled the head harness up over the top of my head and buckled it to its keeper that was also attached to the neck strap in back. The harness straps were attached to either side of the ball. It framed my nose and pressed directly on the blindfold. The last two straps where buckled under my chin forcing me to bite down on the ball. I tried to open my mouth and speak, only garbled words came out. Miko told me that it seemed to be a very effective gag. I nodded, then tried to laugh, not much came out, yes it was.

I picked up the last long strap and wrapped it loosely around my upper body, over my arms and above my breasts. I buckled this comfortably tight. This was not a great arm bondage but good enough. I couldn’t make it as tight as I usually like because then I would not be able to move my arms behind me to use the cuffs. To keep the strap in place, I picked up a small two ended clip and fed one end through the metal buckle of the strap and the other end I clipped to the D-ring on my collar. As I rolled around on the floor, this would serve to keep the belt from sliding over my head. I have invented a way to do the same with an elastic strap behind me but decided not to use it tonight.

I could hear Miko still taking photos in the background. Occasionally she would tell me to stop moving and ask me to turn this way and that to get a good look at all the bondage restraints. She then told me to continue with my self-bondage adventure.

Chapter 72

I picked up the long leather gloves and pulled them on the appropriate arms. I smoothed the leather tightly, pulling it up to almost my shoulders, interlacing my fingers to ensure the leather was tight. I was ready for the last few steps.

I tested all my bonds for comfort to ensure that nothing was going to stick or poke me. The tight bondage would be enough for the rest of the evening and I didn’t want any additional discomfort to go along. One nice thought though was the vibrator was still going strong, shutting off and turning on, slowly teasing me. I knew that once the bondage was complete, I would be able to concentrate on the sexual feelings starting to well up inside of me. This foreplay of tying myself up always got me excited and any additional stimulus only added to the mounting fun and wetness between my legs.

Once the gloves were on and pulled tight, I picked up the thumbcuffs, felt for the hole to ensure it was facing the right way, and locked one side on my left thumb. I pulled my arms back behind me and felt for the handcuffs. I took a deep breath and locked one cuff on the right gloved wrists, followed shortly by the left wrist. I then quickly secured the right thumb in the thumbcuff and locked it tight. Bondage complete.

The only differences in the this adventure, this evening, as compared to other times with my self-bondage was that I didn’t use a butt plug this time, nor did I use any nipple clamps or clothespins. I would save them for another day. It was the photo set that I was really after.

I sat there for a few minutes getting use to the new bondage. Sitting straight up was kind of difficult due to the constriction of the corset and I wasn’t able to do much with bending my knees. The boots were stiff and I had ensured that the knee strap was pulled tight. My kind of bondage.

Miko was still walking around taking photos from all sides. She continued to talk me through different poses but mostly she just shot what she saw. The camera stopped and she mentioned that a few more minutes of video would be all that was needed until I started to get free. She asked if I was OK. I nodded that I was. I rolled over on to my stomach and again tried to bring my booted legs up to my ass. It was difficult and I was glad I didn’t decide to use a hogtie today. My body was already going to be sore from all the different bondage positions I’d been in today.

Miko must of put the camera down, because I heard her lite up a cigarette and exhale. She was watching me. It was kind of exciting to know that someone was watching me do this kind of bondage.

I next heard what sounded like Miko starting to put her materials away. The warmth from the lights was now gone which meant she was breaking down her spots. I probably had about thirty more minutes until the ice melted or until Miko finished cleaning her stuff up. There wasn’t much I could do, so I just laid on the floor trying to get free. The vibrator was doing its excellent job of teasing me to death and laying on my stomach was causing me to flatten out my breasts giving them that crushed feeling. I was starting to get warm inside. Now I was starting to hope that Miko wouldn’t untie me until I had a chance to get rid of some of this sexual tension that had been building since the last bondage tie up. I can still remember those vibrating nipple clamps and the very tight crotch rope.

I realized suddenly that all sound in the room had stopped. Miko must have left the room for a moment. I continued to struggle pulling hard on the waist belt hoping to pull the plug deeper into my already wet pussy. The vibrator kept turning off at the wrong time. It was getting me very sexually frustrated which, I guess was why I spent so much money on its design. Its these moments that make for great memoirs.

I heard Miko returning to the living room , but she was talking to someone. I blushed. I didn’t know she was bringing someone else up her. No one talked back. She was on the phone. I listened carefully. Words like, “tightly bound and gagged”, “key was frozen”, etc. The conversation was about me. I was beginning to wonder who she was talking to. I didn’t have to wait long. Miko walked over to me and helped me to sit back up, then to semi-stand up and helped me to sit on the stool. She placed the phone next to me ear. A very familiar voice said hello. It was Jennifer!

Chapter 73

Miko must have called her after I was done with my self-bondage. Jennifer wanted to know if I had enjoyed my evening of bondage modeling. I moaned a yes into my gag as best as I could. Trying to talk only made me drool more around the ball gag. Miko took the phone away and told Jennifer the different positions that I had picked. She also described my current bondage position and the clothing I was wearing. Miko told her that it was all on tape for her to see. The photos would be ready in about one week and there would be about two hundred of them. I was impressed. Miko mentioned that she would send Jennifer a set of the photos after I had seen them, along with a copy of the videos, with my permission of course. I nodded in agreement since talking was out of the question. This was turning out to be a very special birthday evening but it wasn’t over yet.

Miko placed the phone back to me ear and Jennifer told me that she had one more little surprise for the evening. I listened and if I wouldn’t have been blindfolded, you would have seen a look of both utter surprise and shock. I couldn’t believe my ears as to what Jennifer had planned for me, or better yet what Jennifer had planned for Miko to do to me. I moaned into my gag but it was to late, Miko had taken the phone away and was telling Jennifer that all her instructions would be carried out as she had requested. Miko then said goodbye and hung up. I was shocked but of course helpless to stop Miko from carrying out Jennifer’s devilish plan for the rest of my birthday present.

Miko laughed. She told me that she was removing the key from the ice release device and had already picked up the pitcher of water, my back up safety device. My beautiful Japanese friend now controlled all the keys and my freedom. I sat there in sheer shock and also heightened excitement. With what Jennifer had planned for the rest of the evening, I didn’t need the vibrator locked between my legs to keep me excited for the rest of the evening.

Miko then told me that she had placed a set of keys on the floor somewhere in the living room. It was now my job to try and locate them. The way I was tied, it would make moving very slow and since my hands were gloved, and locked to my waist, only very small areas could be searched at a time. Add this to the fact that I was blindfolded with no reference at all to where the rest of the furniture in the room was located and I was stuck, but that wasn’t all to this evening’s problem. I listened carefully as Miko picked up and dialed the hotel housekeeping service and requested that the room be made up at six o’clock the next morning. Six sharp as the room was going to used for an important conference at seven.

Now I had some incentive to find the keys. If I didn’t get free before six in the morning I would be found by the maid who was now scheduled to clean the room. That would be very embarrassing to say the least. Besides being at the mercy of another stranger, she could call the cops, and have me thrown out. No telling what would happen then. All I knew was that I had to find those keys.

Miko told me that it was about 12:30 am and she had unplugged the phone. She also told me that since she was leaving for the evening, she had tied the spare key and long thin rope that had been tied to the pitcher of water, to the fire alarm by the front door. If I really wanted out badly, I could get the key and cause the alarm to go off, and of course bring lots of help and other things I’m sure. Miko also said that she would return at 6:15 a.m. in the morning to check and see what the maid found. Miko joked that maybe the maid would be late. She laughed. She then walked over to me, bent down and lightly kissed me on the forehead. Happy birthday she said from both Jennifer and her. She also told me that she hoped that we would play again in the future. Miko then got up and headed out. I heard her lock the door behind her. I was all alone.

What a feeling. Complete shock and excitement. I almost had an orgasm just thinking about the rest of the night, the unknown, the anticipation. My nipples were rock hard, and now I wished I had used the nipple clamps because I couldn’t get to them the way I had tied myself. I would just have to wait for the morning to come. I shook my head. What was I saying, waiting for morning to come? It was not supposed to be like this. I did not write this in to the script yesterday.

Chapter 74

I sat there for a minute trying to digest what just took place. Here I was all bound and gagged, by my own hands no less, sitting on a stool located in the middle of a hotel suite with no way to get free except to try and crawl all over the floor hoping to find a key that was supposedly place somewhere on the carpet. This was a large room and bound the way I was, I knew that moving around would be very slow and cumbersome. This made the room seem that much bigger. With my ankles crossed and tightly strapped, combined with the stiffness of the boots, trying to sit up was nearly impossible. With my wrists locked in the handcuffs, and my fingers stuffed inside a pair of leather gloves, trying to feel around on the carpet for a small key might take all night and may be next to impossible. All I could do was try. The alternative was to be found in the morning by the maid and no telling what might happen there. I had little choice except maybe to pull the safety device Miko had set up and cause the fire alarm to go off. That would be more trouble than its worth.

I carefully tried to stand up and found that the crossed ankles again did their charm. Standing was all but impossible. I carefully bent my legs and slid to the floor. I had to be careful and not roll over onto my back. I didn’t want to fall on my handcuffs and inadvertently tighten them a few more clicks.

Once on the floor, I slowly started to make my way in a direction not really knowing what lay ahead. At least I would hit a wall or another piece of furniture and would have a starting point.

The movement was going slow and the vibrator was still going strong, when it was on. All the movement, combined with the restrictions of the boots and corset, and of course the teasing of the vibrator was starting to have an effect on me. I was sweating, and my breath was getting shorter. I realized that soon I would be over taken with sexual passion and there was very little I could do to stop it. Even though I knew that I might find the key to get free by the morning, the thought of being discovered and then publicly humiliated is something that has always intrigued me about self-bondage.

Many times I have thought of the idea of going to a motel room in some out of the way place, putting myself in some restrictive bondage and setting up the safety to release the key just before the maid comes to clean the room. The thought of being caught is part of the excitement and fun of tying myself up.

Many thoughts have run through my mind while bound and gagged by my own hand. What if I’m caught by a neighbor or the maid? Will they understand what has happened? Will they run and get help? Or will they maybe smile to themselves and decide to play? Nothing excites me more than the thought of being discovered by an unknown person and that person having their way with me and I’m not able to tell who it is. I’m ravaged,

teased, and brought to the brink of orgasm several times and then finally taken over the edge. Then nothing! Whoever was there is gone and I am once again left alone with my ropes and gags. Who was that masked person? Those thoughts continued this evening as I moved slowly about the room.

I continued to move throughout the room, inch by inch. I was only able to crawl on my stomach and my side and when I did move forward, my breasts were rubbed across the carpet. More stimulation was nice and it made for incentive to keep moving. I couldn’t lay on my back and move around, because of the handcuff issue and the possible tightening problem. Even if I found the keys, if the handcuffs were too tight, I wouldn’t have the play in the cuffs needed to position the key in the hole, so this option was ruled out right away. I had wished now that I hadn’t been so cute and put the blindfold under the head harness, I might have been able to rub it off. But not this time. No, I was way too good for that.

The blindfold made all the distances that I traveled seem like miles. I continued to try and feel around on the floor for the key, using my booted feet to see if I might hit the key and make it jingle or something. No luck. I was growing weary. I had been bound and gag in a variety of ways tonight, most very stringent and tiring. I was slowing down.

The vibrator continued to work and do its job, the bondage was still very tight. With the looming thought of being discovered in a few hours my sexual passion was soon on the rise again. I decided that I would at least go out with a bang. I pulled on the cuffs trying to pull the crotch strap tighter. It was working. I rubbed my breast and nipples along the carpet to further the stimulation. The vibrator was still turning on and off and I was timing my thrust with each cycle of vibration. Orgasm was quickly approaching. I pulled harder. I tried to bring my legs up to a hogtie. That feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. I bit hard on my gag and screamed. I exploded. Stars shined everywhere behind the blindfold. I screamed into the ball gag again. I’m sure no one heard me, but I didn’t care if they did. I was floating in heaven. I really didn’t care who found me now, this was what bondage was all about, erotic stimulation.

The first orgasm was followed by at least three more smaller ones, each taking my breath away. Finally I was through and exhausted. I rolled on my side. Sleep came quickly. I’m sure the dreams of tight bondage, Miko, her silver nipple rings and the soon-to-find-me maid would make for some nice thoughts and dreams.

Chapter 75

They were such nice dreams. Miko was talking to me telling me how beautiful I looked in bondage. She was smiling and also holding five hundred feet of rope ready to once again take my freedom away. I could hear her voice just as if she was standing next to me, in fact she was.

Someone was softly stroking my head. “HOUSE KEEPING” I thought I heard. I raised up in surprise, but of course I couldn’t move, the bondage was still there and now it was taking its toll on my body. My shoulders were sore from the bondage and my jaw hurt from the ball gag.

My shoulder was being softly shaken. The words “wake up” and “are you OK” were slowly registering behind the blindfold and in my brain. I was stiff and sore, but suddenly wide awake. Who was here? I struggled, but the bondage was too good, I did it my self, I smiled inwardly, another perfect plan. But where did this plan take me this morning?

I felt my cuffs being unlocked. I just laid there. I was embarrassed to be discovered by anyone else. The straps on my ankles and legs were loosen and removed. My gag was being unbuckled. First the chin strap, followed by the head strap were unbuckled. The ball gag was last. I was wet from all the drool I must have been doing when I fell asleep. The ball came out with a pop. I licked my lips not really knowing what to say.

I just sat there. The vibrator was not going any more. It must have ran out of battery life. That meant that I had been on the floor for at least ninety minutes or more but since the maid was here it had to be morning and that meant that I was bound for the last six hours or so. My blindfold was slowly loosened. It was slowly removed and I had to again squint from the overhead lights. The blindfold was dropped in my lap. I quickly turned and stared into a beautiful smiling Japanese face who was holding a camera. Snap! A picture was taken. Miko was here with me.

Chapter 76

Miko smiled and asked if I was ok. I nodded slowly as I rubbed my gloved wrists and then wiped the drool away from my lips. The ball gag had done its job once again.

I asked her for the time. She told me was about 3:00 a.m. I asked her what was she doing back so soon? Miko smiled and sat down on the floor next to me. She offered me a cool glass of water. I could see that she had removed her stockings and boots. She had cute little feet and nicely painted toenails, a bright red color. She told me that Jennifer only wanted to give me something to think about and she knew that being discovered was one of my greatest fantasies dealing with self-bondage. I smiled, it was.

Miko also told me that she was staying in the suite next to this one and was keeping an eye on me all the time. She pointed to the VCR camera and I noticed that it had a cable leading through a tiny hole in the wall. She also told me that she recorded everything. I blushed. I could still remember the multiple orgasms just before I fell asleep. Miko just smiled and softly told me that all the orgasms were on tape. She must have been reading my mind.

Miko leaned over and started to unzip my boots. It would be such a relief to get them off. Sleep in such high heels can be murder on one’s feet. Miko slowly pulled each off then taking each foot in her small hands, she gently caressed each one for several moments. The feeling was wonderful and I just sat there with my eyes closed.

I then stood up and Miko unlaced the corset. I breathed deeply when it was loosened. I had forgotten what that felt like. The gloves were next. I laid all the clothes aside. Miko then smiled at me and then approached me with the key to the chastity belt. She removed the lock and unbuckled the crotch strap. I quickly removed the vibrator. I checked the batteries. Yes, they were dead. They had served their purpose. Miko unbuckled and removed the waist strap. I was free from all my bounds. I was still wearing the crotchless panties and I was exhausted.

Miko suggested that I sleep in the suite tonight. There would be no maid coming until much later in the morning. I quickly agreed. Miko said that she will be staying next door and she suggested we go to brunch when we awoke. I nodded. Being a bondage model was exhausting work, but it was very satisfying. I quickly agreed to the brunch plan. I did have to get up in the morning and pack all my stuff up. Miko told me to call her about 9:00 a.m. and she would help. As she turned to leave, I gently grabbed her hand. Miko turned. I thanked her for a wonderful evening and I too was looking forward to both getting together again and seeing the photographs and videos. Miko leaned over and kissed me, she had enjoyed it also. Miko turned and walked out.

I pulled down the covers on the bed. The same bed that I had been bound spreadeagle to just a few hours earlier. It felt wonderful. The cool sheets felt good to my near naked body. I was quickly fast asleep.

Chapter 77

The morning came quickly with a knock at the door. Miko walked in and told me to hurry up and get up and that she was hungry. She smiled. She was dressed in a long back sleek dress that was sleeveless, her black dress boots, and a pair of thin black leather dress gloves. The black color was in sharp contrast to her white skin and red lips. I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples and nipple rings could be clearly seen. Miko caught me staring and smiled. She knew that I liked what I saw. I did and the thoughts of having my nipples with silver rings in them danced in my head. I quickly arose and headed to bathroom for a quick shower. While I was doing that, Miko said that she would start putting all my restraints and clothing back into the suitcases.

When I returned from the shower wearing my towel, all my restraints and outfits had been neatly packed away. Miko was sitting on the bed but was looking at me with a smile. I noticed that her arms were behind her back. I walked over to her and she pulled back laughing. She had locked her wrists behind again. She had the key in her fingers but it was then that I realized that she still had her black gloves on. She told me that she got curious again about the handcuffs and this self-bondage fun, and that she remembered that I used the gloves to enhance the helplessness. I smiled. She was stuck. With the gloves on, she couldn’t find the key hole as easily as she could without them on. I laughed. I told her to just sit there and keep trying while I got dressed. Miko laughed also.

I pulled out my short leather skirt, a pair of black stockings, black panties, and garter belt from the clothes bag. I pulled on the garter belt, then the stockings, followed by the panties. My leather skirt was next. I then pulled a long sleeve white knit sweater from the bag and pulled it on. No bra of course was worn. Miko was still sitting next to me trying to unlock the handcuffs. I topped off the outfit with a pair of my knee high black boots with the low heels and a pair of short black gloves. I looked over at Miko, she was still trying to get free. I smiled. The things that I could do to take advantage of this situation rolled about in my head.

Time was getting short though and I walked over to Miko and took the key from her gloved fingers. I asked her how she was going to eat breakfast with her hands still locked behind her? She gave me the sad puppy dog look of helplessness and I bent down gently caressed her face and kissed her on the forehead. I then unlocked and removed the handcuffs. Miko reached up and gave me warm hug. I picked up the cuffs and placed them in the bag. We then went to brunch.

I had the hotel place my bags in my car once brunch was finished. Miko and I talked for about an hour on a variety of subjects including her piercings. I must have asked her a hundred questions. Miko was very nice and answered each question in detail stopping only a few times to lit up another cigarette. She then gave me the name of the person that did her, in case I ever decided to check into it more.

Miko told me that the photos would be ready in about a week. I invited her over for supper at my home next Saturday night. Miko quickly agreed. We hugged and went our separate ways. I had found a new friend. The drive home was full of memories that would last for quite awhile and I caught myself again playing with my nipples. I had to stop this while driving my car. I smiled. I looked at the name of the friend that did Miko’s piercings, Jan was her name. I pulled harder on my nipple. The problems we face today!

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