David_Carradine-01Made one wrong movement, too much aroused, a bit overwhelmed, not though out properly, overestimated own abilities, a rope around the neck… The result?

Autoerotic asphyxiation

Thai authorities have ruled Carradine’s June 4 death a”sex accident” due to autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong. The”Kung Fu” actor, 72, was found with his wrists, neck and genitals bound by a rope.

Transvestite role-playing – as suggested by the presence of women’s undergarments – is often part of autoerotic stimulation.

Two of Carradine’s ex-wives have spoken publicly on his unusual sexual preferences.

“In some cases it can suggest murder, too. But sometimes when the victim is naked and in bondage, it can suggest that the victim is doing it to himself,” said Pornthip, who is considered the country’s top criminal forensics expert but who did not take part in the autopsy. “If you hang yourself by the neck, you don’t need so much pressure to kill yourself. Those who get highly sexually aroused tend to forget this fact.”

Police believe Carradine, 72, died of accidental suffocation after attempting auto erotic asphyxiation – a sex game where participants derive pleasure from being partially strangled.

Carradine – who was in Bangkok shooting his latest movie, Stretch – was discovered by a maid hanging in the wardrobe of his room in the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Thursday.

Some people do not get the “auto” and “self” part of it:

Filmmaker Robert Dunlap – who made a documentary about people who engage in deviant sex practices – echoed those doubts to ABCNews.com “This doesn’t look like a solo act at all,” Dunlap told ABCNews.com. “In order to have an orgasm, his hands would have had to be free.”

Referencing the apparent presence of women’s lingerie, he added,”You don’t dress just for yourself … Usually there is some sort of show and someone else is involved. It probably went horribly bad and they left.”


RIP David

Do not let this happen to you. Play safe.