The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 48-54

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Chapter 48
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Chapter 48

My second position was going to be a tight hogtie on the coffee table. For this position, I looked through my clothes bag and removed a white spandex girdle with attached garters, black seamed stockings, a white long line bra and a pair of white elbow length nylon evening gloves. I enjoyed the restricted feeling the girdle and long line bra gives me. It really enhances the bondage when I where these foundations. Miko went about her work finishing setting up her cameras and repositioning her lights.

I sat on the bed and removed the thigh-high boots, setting them aside for later use. I first pulled on the high-waisted girdle. It was a tight fit. This was followed by the stockings that I carefully attached to the four bottom garters. The long line bra was next followed by the gloves. I then reached into my bag and removed my black patent pumps with 6″ heels. This outfit was straight from a John Willie photo. Miko was ready to begin when I was finished dressing. She commented on my choice of outfits and mentioned that she had seen many John Willie albums and could see the similarities and that this outfit should make for some great photos.

I handed Miko several coils of white rope. We walked over to the coffee table and she had me sit on the corner. I placed my gloved wrists behind my back palm to palm. Miko proceeded to tie my wristS tightly together. She was good and knew what she was doing. The cinches were tight and the knots were placed well up my wrists, away from my probing fingers.

My elbows were next. Several coils were wrapped loosely around my arms several inches above my elbows. As Miko wrapped the cinches, she gently pulled my elbows together until they touched. The remaining length rope was wrapped under my left arm toward the front of my body, then up behind the neck and then down the front then back under my right arm. This rope was then tied off to the elbow cinch. The remaining rope then ran up to the rope that was running behind my neck. The neck rope was then pulled tight and the whole thing tied off above the elbows. This was a neat tie and the neck rope prevented any chance of the elbow cinch from slipping down, like it was really going to anyway but it was the thought that counted.

A long piece of rope was wrapped several times around my body, below my breasts then continued with several more wraps above the breasts. Miko used a small rope to cinch the ropes between my body and bound arms. She then cinched the ropes between my breasts thus preventing the rope from slipping and giving the nice effect of a tight breast bondage. I was impressed. However, she wasn’t done yet. She had me stand as she wrapped a rope several times around my girdled waist. She then took a long rope and tied it to the waist rope in the back, brought the rope down through my legs carefully placing the rope in the most intimate places. Miko continued up and looped the rope over the waist loops in front and then proceeded to pull the rope again back through my crotch. This time she looped the rope through my bound wrists and pulled the rope back down and through my crotch. She pulled on the rope, slowly working all the slack out the lines. This caused my bound wrists to be pulled down toward my ass. She repeated this several times. Pulling my bound wrists up only served to pull the crotch rope tighter and deeper. I just rolled my eyes. When she was satisfied with the tightness of the crotch rope, she tied the long rope off in front and proceeded to wrap the remaining length around my body and bound wrists. After about six wraps, she cinched the coils tightly between my bound wrists and body.

This was about the tightest I had ever been tied. Jennifer was good but Miko really knew her stuff and I could see that I was in for a great night of restrictive bondage fun. She then continued with my ankles and knees. With three different ropes she tightly tied and cinched my ankles, below the knees, and the upper thighs. She stepped back to survey her handy work. She asked if I were all right, I nodded yes and told her I liked her handy work. Miko just nodded and we set about the next phase.

Miko helped me swing my body on to the coffee table then turn over on my stomach. Naturally, I wasn’t able to move much at all. Miko then picked up another rope and again tied it to my elbow cinch. She then carefully raised my bound ankles and looped the rope over and through my feet and looped it around the ankle cinch. This rope was brought back to the elbow cinch and again looped around the cinch. Miko slowly pulled the rope taking out all the slack. As she did this, my ankles were drawn closer and closer to my bound wrists. Miko looped the remaining rope around my ankles and tightly knotted it on the outside of my legs, well out of reach of my fingers.

Miko walked over to my bag and pulled out my large red ball gag. She knelt down in front of me, brushed my hair away from my face, and slowly inserting the gag. When the ball was tightly lodged behind my teeth, she drew the thick black straps behind my neck and buckled it tightly under my hair. The red ball gag was in sharp contrast to the whitness of the ropes and the outfit. When this was done, she gently lifted my head and again asked if I were all right. I nodded that I was, but she wasn’t done yet.

She picked up a another rope and proceeded to wrap several loops around the instep of my high heels. She cinched this tightly. This had the added effect of preventing me from removing my shoes. But that wasn’t all she did with the rope. She took the free end of the rope and threaded it through the D-ring in the back of my gag. As she pulled on the rope tight, she placed her hand on my forehead and gently lifted my head back. When my head was pulled straight up, she tied the rope off. I was now quite arched and the gag was pulled deeply into my mouth. I instantly started to drool. It was very hard to swallow in this position and most of the drool just run out of my mouth. I wasn’t going anywhere until Miko decided I had enough or she had enough photos.

Miko again checked all my bonds and then headed to her cameras. She turned on the flood lights and energized her strobes. She then proceeded to walk around my bound body taking photos of me from all sides. Under her direction she had me show fear, and discomfort in my eyes for several photos. She was very professional. I acted as best I could but acting wasn’t really needed. This hogtie was tight and I was under a lot of discomfort and tension. All part of the game though.

When she was done with the still photos, she picked up the video camera and shot several minutes of me moaning and trying to escape my bonds. There was very little movement. I did almost fall over on my side and off the coffee table but was caught by Miko. She laughed. Suddenly she stopped moving around me and placed the camera down. She picked up a long white scarf and folded it into a three-inch wide roll. She walked over and proceeded to blindfold me. She told me that a blindfold adds something extra to the photos. Who was I to stop her? All light was gone and it was filled with loneliness and blackness. I then heard her again take a few more photos and probably a few more minutes of video.

Finally she was done, but she didn’t walk over to me to untie me right away. I heard her walk to the wet bar, then light a cigarette and pour a glass of wine. She asked me if I were enjoying my birthday. Of course I was but all that came out was a grunt. Miko just laughed. Per my instructions I was to remain in the bondage for fifteen minutes after she was done with the photos. I didn’t want to waste a good bondage just for the sake of getting a photo shoot done. Finally it was time for her to untie me. I was ready and becoming stiff. I loved it.

Chapter 49

She started with the rope attached to the gag. This relieved a lot of tension. She then removed the gag. My lower face was a mess from all the drool. I had even left a puddle on the table. Got to love that ball gag. The blindfold was next, followed by the rest of the ropes. I laid on the table for a few minutes getting my breath back. I then sat up and rubbed the feeling back into my arms and wrists. I watched as Miko changed the film in her camera. I told her that the hogtie that she just completed on me was one of the tightest I had ever been in. Even Jennifer didn’t do it that tight. I did tell her that I really enjoyed it though.

Miko handed me a small glass of chilled wine when she had finished with her cameras. I was already deep in thought about my next tie-up. Miko picked up the list and read through the next position. Next on the list was a tight spreadeagle, dressed in red latex lingerie.

When the wine was finished, I quickly undressed, removing the girdle and long line bra, followed by the stockings and gloves. A quick trip to the bathroom to relieve those important bodily functions and I was ready to go. I then picked up a can of talcum powder and dusted my legs, arms and stomach. The rope marks from the last bondage position were still plainly visible and would probably be for several hours. I figured by the time this evening was complete, rope marks would be permanently scarred over my body. Miko was nice enough to help me powder my back. Her hands were soft and she had a sincere touch to them.

I first pulled on my pair of red thigh-high latex stockings. I sat on the bed and carefully rolled the latex up in my hands until I was able to place my foot in the bootie. I then slowly rolled the stocking up my leg until it stopped at my crotch. The other was leg was next. I smoothed the stockings until no wrinkles could be seen. Nice and shiny red from toe to crotch.

Next came the red latex leotard top. It was a one piece panty and top combination. The briefs had two soft latex plugs that would fit nicely in my most private parts. I picked up a tube of lubricating jell and quickly lubricated the two plugs. I then careful stepped into the top, and pulled it up over my breasts. I had to work the plugs into the correct position but since I had used adequate lubrication, and was still excited from the day’s events, inserting them was not a problem. I was so caught up in my task at hand that I forget that Miko was sitting near by. I looked up to see her smile behind a cloud of smoke. She said nothing, but instead clicked her camera, capturing me with my legs spread, bending over inserting the butt plug. I blushed, but continued.

When the plugs were in place, I pulled the top all the way up and inserted my arms into the short sleeves. I adjusted the leotard to ensure no wrinkles were present and that my breasts were correctly placed in the molded cups. My nipples were sticking through the hole in the latex cups and were protruding from my chest. The leotard zipped up the back and I walked over Miko and asked her if she would do the honors. She put her wine glass down, happy to oblige.

I stood with my arms at my side as she slowly zipped the latex outfit shut. When she reached the back of my neck with the zipper, she noticed that the zipper ended in the middle of a hasp lock. She asked if I intended to lock the outfit on. I smiled and handed her the small lock over my shoulder but told her to hang on to the lock for a moment. Miko accepted the lock and waited for the next step. The next piece to the outfit was a red latex hood and a thick two inch rubber collar attached to the front of the hood. The hood was open faced but covered from just below my lips to just about my eyebrows. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and then pulled on the hood. My ponytail was inserted into the special hole at the top of the hood. When my face was in the correct position, I brought the two ends of the collar around to the back of my neck and asked Miko to place the ends over the hasp ring. I asked her then to now thread the zipper through the hasp ring and then lock the whole thing in place. Miko was happy to oblige. The only way the latex outfit, except for the stockings, would now come off was to cut it. Miko was impressed.

I picked up the last piece of latex gear that was going to be worn. That was a pair of long, shoulder length red latex gloves. I carefully powered my arms and inserted my fingers and arms into the gloves, rolling the latex up to my armpits covering the ends of the short sleeve leotard.

The outfit was complete. The latex hugged my skin like a glove. The feeling of restriction as I breathed in was wonderful. The plugs were constantly moving in and out with each movement and my nipples were getting hard from being forced out through the small opening in the molded latex cups. All in all, this was almost a bondage by itself. I even told Miko that I had worn this outfit, minus the hood, under my dress clothes to work and that I didn’t take the key with me. I laughed and also told her that I almost had to cut it off as I forget that I couldn’t use the bathroom in this outfit and that I had drank coffee all morning in meetings and had to go to the bathroom really badly by the early afternoon. I was able to leave work early and take care of the problem. Miko and I just laughed.

Now for the bondage. I walked over the bed and Miko was already standing next to it with the leather restraints in hand. I held out my right wrist and she buckled the three inch wrist cuff tightly about the wrist. The left wrist was next. She then knelt at my feet and did the same with each ankle. Each cuff had a twelve inch long leather strap attached to the outside. At the end of the strap was a large O-ring to which chains or rope could be tied as well. Besides the strap, each cuff had a hasp lock riveted to the thick leather. Miko attached a small lock to each cuff. Removal was now prevented. I should say that Miko held the keys to all these locks.

Miko picked up a long white rope and asked me to turn around. She then begin to coil the rope tightly around my waist several times then knotted the rope in the front. She then pulled the remaining lengths down between my legs and over the plugs. The rope continued up and was looped to the waist coil in the back. She repeated this a few times ensuring that each pass was ridding against the plugs. The plugs were now deeply imbedded in my cunt and ass, instilling a sense of fullness. I now wished that I had installed the vibrating ones. Oh well, maybe next time. The white rope struck a sharp contract to the red latex.

Miko picked up the latex pump gag, slightly inflating the bulb to ensure it worked then had me sit on the edge of the bed. Once again the butt plug reminded me of its place in life. She slowly offered the bulb to me. I smiled at her then opened my mouth to accept the latex present. Miko then drew the wide latex straps tightly about my head and velcroed then together. Velcro worked better here so I wouldn’t have to lie on a large buckle. The inflator bulb was attached to the bulb by an eight-inch rubber tube.

When the gag was on, Miko told me to stand, then proceeded to place two large pillows in the center of the king-size bed. She then nodded and I climbed on the bed and laid on my back across the pillows. I laid in such away that the pillows were in the small of my back. This had to affect of lifting my crotch off the bed. Miko then picked up a long rope and attached one end to the O-ring in my left ankle cuff. She slowly pulled my left leg toward the lower left corner of the bed and tied it off. The process was repeated with my right leg. My legs were now spread very wide. A rope was then attached to both ankles trying to pull them together thus preventing any movement in my legs.

I was beginning to feel that feeling of both helplessness and vulnerability again. With my rear end lifted off the bed the way that it was and my legs spread wide and secured, access to my crotch and the plugs was made very easy. I would have been the perfect target for the probing hands of Jennifer, had she been here. With the slight arch in my back, my nipples were standing straight up and were of course hard as rocks.

Miko walked up to the headboard and tied another length of rope to my left wrist cuff’s O-ring. This rope was then tied to the corner post. As Miko pulled the rope taught, my left arm was also pulled wide and above my head. The right wrist was next. Again a rope was tied between the wrists to anchor the wrists in place.

Miko stood back a moment to survey her work. I was laying on a dark blue sheet, dressed in red latex from head to toe, white rope bisected my legs at the crotch and black cuffs adorned each ankle and wrist. It was then I noticed the mirror installed above the bed. I was looking at a very helpless female, spreadeagled in red latex. My excitement was building.

Miko wasn’t done yet. She walked around to each restraint and begin to slowly tighten each one. I had the feeling that I was being lifted off the bed as each rope was tightened. I tested my bonds, no movement.

When Miko was done, she sat next to my head and leaned over my face. It was such a beautiful smile. She asked if I was all right and ready for the gag to be inflated. I nodded yes. She grabbed the pump, carefully wrapping those long fingers with those red painted nails around the rubber pump. She slowly started to inflate the bulb that was secured tightly in my mouth. The feeling was exquisite. With each pump, I could feel my chance for calling for help being pulled away. The bulb quickly filled my mouth. Miko was watching me intently. I opened my eyes wide when I was nearing the limit of fullness. Miko stopped, then shut the valve on the pump. The air was now held in. Since the latex strap was strapped tightly around my head, and the bulb was fully inflated, I couldn’t spit it out and it now formed a very effectively gag. As I turned my head side to side, the pump would flop back and forth, occasionally hitting my sensitive nipples. My eyes rolled.

Miko tested the rest of my bonds then lightly ran her fingers up the side of my rib cage, I laughed behind the gag and tried to squirm away. Yes, I was very ticklish. Miko continued up to my arm pits then now to my left nipple. She stopped just as she was about to brush across it. I moaned into my gag. Foiled again. Miko just winked at me and smiled. She knew who was in control of this situation.

Chapter 50

Miko got up from the bed and again turned on her floodlights and energized her strobes. She begin to take a whole roll of film, shooting from a variety of angles. She coached me several times in how to hold myself, trying to convey that feeling of sheer helplessness, which wasn’t hard given my position.

After the still photos, she then picked up the video camera and again filmed a very helpless woman dressed in red latex. She stopped, put the camera down, then walked over to where my bondage restraints were lying. She picked up a few items but I couldn’t see what they were due to the position I was tied in.

When she walked around to the side of bed, I could see that she was carrying my vibrator, and a set of metal nipple clamps that were connected by a small chain. She was also smiling, yes, this was on my list to be done. She pushed the vibrator under the rope leading from my waist to my crotch right on top of my pubic bone. The vibrator was placed at a ninety angle to the ropes and about four inches up from my crotch. It was obvious that when the vibrator was turned on the ropes would transfer the vibrations to the plugs. I could hardly wait.

Miko picked up one of the rubber tipped nipple clamps and played with them before my eye. She told me she had always wondered what these felt like. She tried one on her finger then asked me if I wouldn’t mind if she tried one on her nipples. I just nodded my head in the yes direction. I could not say no, could I? Miko put the clamps down in her lap and I watch in fascination as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. She was wearing a skin-tone colored half bra that hooked in front. She unhooked the bra and pulled the cups to either side. Her breasts were beautiful, full, and firm. Her nipples seemed to stand out like erasers. However, what caught my eye were the silver nipple rings pierced just behind each nipple. Miko saw the look and pulled on each ring gently said that she got them pierced while she was in Europe last year. It was the “going thing” to do. She also said that her nipples had become more sensitive after they were pierced. I was intrigued. I wondered if anything else was pierced, but Miko didn’t elaborate. I had always enjoyed nipple play and had seen the many photos of women with different body parts that were pierced but this was the first time I had seen them up close, on a real person. I had always thought that they would be a great bondage anchor device, almost better then nipple clamps.

Miko picked up the nipple clamps and gently pinched and caressed her nipples until they were standing straight out. She then carefully attached a clamp to each nipple. I heard her suck in her breath as the clamps took hold. When both clamps were on, she gently pulled on the connecting chain to see what pulling felt like. She turned to me and smiled. She could see why I liked to use the clamps so much. They did keep my mind on my breasts. She let go of the chain and quickly removed the clamps. They weren’t on long enough to get that second rush as the blood flowed back into each nipple. She then proceeded to lightly caress and squeeze my left nipple waiting for it to become hard. It didn’t take long since they were already very sensitive due to being squeezed out the latex cups. I closed my eyes. No other female other than Jennifer had ever touched me in this way. My excitement grew with each caress. When the nipple was very hard, she quickly attached the clamp. I, too, quickly sucked in my breath. The right nipple followed, but this time she took her time with the caressing. I opened my eyes and looked at Miko. She was smiling at me while she was doing it. Kind of pleasure in one and an erotic pain in the other. My brain was receiving mixed signals. It stopped suddenly when she attached the clamp to my right nipple. Miko then picked up the connecting chain and gave them a quick pull to check to see if the clamps were secure. They were.

Miko pulled a small rope from her pocket and tied one end to the middle of the connecting chain. She then tied the other end over my head to the bed’s headboard. She pulled the rope taught until I was arching my back to keep the tension on my nipples to a minimum. She tied the rope off. With my arms and legs pulled to the four corners and now my nipples tied to the head board, very little movement was allowed. Only my head could move from side to side and lift up slightly. With each movement of the head though, the inflator bulb would flop side to side, only this time it would come in contact with the nipple chain and send small shock wave though my breasts.

Miko sat next to me on the bed and again slowly tickled my underarms. I tried to squirm but this only caused me to pull harder on my nipples and the clamps weren’t coming off. She lightly drew her fingers across my face tickling my nose then she reached down and quickly turned on the vibrator, high at first. I jumped with surprise. The feeling was wonderful. With the bondage, nipple clamps, plugs, and now the vibrator, I was working my way up to a super orgasm.

Miko sensed this and shifted the speed of the vibrator back to low. I moaned. Just enough to tease but not enough to push me over the edge, at least not yet. Miko got up from the bed, and again took several more photos followed by several minutes of video. She left me to stare up at the mirror in the ceiling and stew in my own heated passion.

Chapter 51

In the mirror, I saw a brightly-clad latex-covered girl stretched out on the bed, with a white crotch rope, black gag, and white vibrator sitting just above my crotch. Very little skin was showing, just the inch or so above my stockings, and the area around my nose and eyes. I was the picture of sheer helplessness. I moved against my bonds in hopes of shifting the vibrator to a different location. No luck. Miko was very good at her bondage and she was also good at the art of teasing. All I could do was sit and continue to stew. The orgasm was starting to build. As the orgasm built, so did the body heat. Latex feels wonderful but it contains the heat. I could feel myself sweating and little beads of sweat were forming on my brow.

After several minutes, Miko walked over to the foot of the bed with a tripod and the VCR camera mounted on top. The camera was tilted so that I filled the viewfinder. She started the tape rolling and the walked over to the side of the bed and reached for the vibrator. She quickly shifted the speed to fast. Orgasm was now on its way. I was lost in sexual bliss, I could tell I was very wet and the ropes leading to my crotch were adding to the feeling of restraint and fullness. Miko quietly walked into the other room. I was oblivious to her presence.

After several minutes, I raised my head and looked into the cameras. I wanted to show Jennifer that I was enjoying myself. Suddenly, my eyes rolled back into my head and one of biggest orgasms I’ve ever had in while hit me. My head was spinning. I was bucking but going nowhere. The movement pulled on the nipple chain and thus my nipples, but that only served to enhance the feeling of erotic discomfort. It was like heaven and hell.

When I finally calmed down, and opened my eyes, Miko was smiling at me over her cigarette and drink. She told me she counted four orgasms from just the sound. I nodded weakly. At least four I thought.

She put the glass down and asked if I were ready to be set free and ready for a rest. Again I nodded weakly. She first turned off and removed the vibrator. It felt strange not to have the constant vibration between my legs. Then she untied the rope attached to my nipple chain removing the tension but leaving the nipple clamps attached. She reached up and opened the pump value and deflated the bulb filling my mouth. She reached around behind me and removed the latex gag; the bulb was a sodden mess. Miko carefully wiped away all the drool that had built up on the outside of my face under the latex gag.

She then quickly walked around and released all the ropes from the corners of the bed. I was now free. Miko pulled the keys off a long neck chain she had placed around her neck, and proceeded to unlock and remove all the cuffs. I got up from the bed slowly. My knees were a little weak. I stretched to relieve the tension in my joints. Miko walked up behind me untied the knots to the crotch rope and allowed me to take the rest off by myself. All this time the nipple clamps were still attached to my nipples and the chain was hanging down between them. I then reached up and slowly removed the nipple clamps, gritting my teeth as the blood again flowed back in.

As I stood there slowly rubbing my nipples back to life with my gloved fingers, Miko unlocked the small lock holding the zipper and collar in place. She then unzipped the leotard. I carefully removed the hood setting it aside. The gloves were next, followed by the thigh-high stockings. Finally the leotard was slowly removed. The two plugs made sucking sounds as I removed them. I blushed. Miko was working on her camera and didn’t seem to notice. No question about it, though, I was wet.

I turn all the latex inside out to allow it to dry. Tomorrow I would have more time to properly clean the material. These latex items were very expensive and needed good care to make them last.

Completed with the disrobing, I was standing nude next to the bed. Miko walked over and handed me the kimono and a glass of water. I headed to the bathroom to freshen up. My thoughts were already thinking about the next scene on the list, a nude suspension, but my mind also kept returning to those beautiful silver nipple rings I had seen in Miko’s nipples.

Chapter 52

When I returned, Miko had set out a plate of cheese and fruit to snack on. I was hungrier than I had thought. Bondage can sure drive a woman to eat. We sat and snacked for several minutes, talking about the Miko’s work, the fashion industry, and other small talk. I wanted real badly to ask Miko lots of questions about her rings. It got the best of me, so I asked her. Miko smiled and told me how she got the rings, who did the piercings, and how much they hurt when she got them. I did manage to ask her if she were pierced in other places as well. Miko again smiled and stood up and pulled her blouse out of her skirt and lifted it up for me to see the silver ring in her naval. She also pulled her suede skirt up showing off her beautiful black garter belt and panties. She then lowered her black satin panties down to expose a nicely trimmed bush of pubic hair. She was beautiful. There were two silver rings, one each inserted her through each of her labia. I was fascinated. They were stunning and were in sharp contrast to the white skin and black pubic hair. They were heavy rings and Miko told me that once the piercings had healed, they could be played with during sexual activity without having to worrying about tearing. Miko demonstrated by gently pulling on the rings. Just thinking about the possibility of using the rings in bondage was getting me very excited. I would have to do more investigation into this piercing idea. Miko pulled her panties back up and straightened her clothes. She then sat back down and finished her wine. We continued to chat about different aspects of bondage and of course her piercings.

Finally we went over the next scene in some detail. I had wanted to do the whole scene nude, but Miko suggested that I might want to wear my long black kid leather gloves. She stated the contrast would look great in the photos and on the video tape, and the gloves would also serve to provide better protection for my wrists. That’s exactly why I like the gloves myself. I quickly agreed and went to retrieve the gloves.

As I put the plate of food away, Miko was setting up two small step stools in the center of the room. She then placed a large hook in the ceiling in a hole that had been pre-drilled before I arrived. I had wondered when that had been accomplished. Evidently this room had been used before. I had to remember to ask Jennifer about the hotel suite when she returned. Miko then attached hooks to the floor under the ceiling hook. These were special hooks that grabbed on to the carpet and as long as tension was applied, they would stay hooked. She then set about rearranging her camera lights for this scene.

I was now rested and ready to begin. I pulled the gloves on, smoothing them above the elbow. Miko walked over to me holding my special suspension bondage mittens and a red ball gag. These cuffs were designed to allow the wrist to hang naturally and spread the weight evenly over the whole wrist, and since they were a mitten style glove, my hands and fingers would be encased in a leather pouch and would thus be useless to me. Attached to each cuff was a long (8″), thick leather strap that ended in a two-inch thick metal ring.

I held out my left wrist and Miko proceeded to pull the mitten on and strap the keeper strap tightly about my wrist. A small padlock ensured that it wasn’t coming off. The right wrist was secured in the same manner. I was already very helpless. Yes, I could still walk around and talk but the mittens prevented me from opening anything like a door or picking up something like a key.

I turned around and Miko held the ball gag to my lips. She softly inserted the ball until it was resting comfortably behind my teeth. I leaned my head forward and she buckled the gag tightly under my hair. It wasn’t coming off. She checked the tightness of the ball and lightly caressed my gagged lips. With the mittens on, I couldn’t unbuckle the gag and the size of the ball combined with the tightness of the black strap prevented me from spitting it out.

I followed Miko over to the step stools and carefully climbed up to the top. I held onto Miko’s shoulder as I climbed up. Miko, climbed up on the other step stool and locked each ring, attached to my cuffs, to the hook using a large padlock. Again the keys were on a chain hanging around her neck. Miko climbed back down and moved her stool aside. She picked up two six-foot lengths of small diameter soft cotton rope and tied one end of each rope to each of my big toes. Miko gently tickled my feet as she did this. I smiled behind my gag.

Miko walked around in front of me and checked to see if I were ready for the next step. I nodded yes. She told me to lift up on the straps and take my body weight off the stool. I did so and Miko quickly removed the stool. I slowly let myself down. I was past the point of no return. I hung there with my feet about six inches off the floor.

Miko then pulled one of the ropes attached to my big toes and threaded its end through the hook in the floor. She pulled carefully causing me to spread my leg out wide. She then tied the rope off. She repeated the operation with the other leg. I was now suspended and spread open. Helpless, yes, excited, you bet.

Miko stepped back and surveyed her work. She asked me to struggle, watched for a moment, then stepped forward to tighten the ropes attached to my toes. I was now pretty strung out. I couldn’t raise up and I couldn’t reach the lock, not that I could open it anyway with the mittens locked on, besides all that I was now drooling around the ball gag, and it was dripping on my breasts. Such humiliation, I loved it. Miko noticed, smiled and told me that the drool and the wetness of the skin would look good in the photos. She turned to pick up her camera and commenced shooting more pictures. She walked all around me taking photos from all angles. Miko even laid on the floor below me and shot a few photos looking straight up between my legs. She told me to try to look down into the camera. She told me that she could get my crotch, and breasts, and my gagged face in the shot. I could hardly wait for the photos to get done, but I still had to concentrate on the problem at hand, total helplessness, spread wide open and lots of tension in my arms and wrists.

Chapter 53

Here I was suspended by my wrists from the ceiling of a suite in a large hotel. I was gagged tightly with a large red ball gag, nude except for gloves. I was being photographed by a beautiful Japanese photographer who controlled the keys to my freedom. WOW! What a place to be in.

Following the still shots, several minutes of video were shot to document the position. I moaned into the gag and tried to scream, giving some realism to the video. Miko looked from behind the video camera and asked if I were all right. I nodded yes and started to laugh. Miko laughed also and said that I was having too much fun and that she need to enhance my bondage. What could I do except agree, since I wasn’t going to stop her?

She set the camera down and walked over to my pile of restraints and picked up a short rope. She walked over behind me and tied the rope tightly around my waist. She then pulled the remaining length of rope down between my spread legs. With her soft fingers, she carefully spread by labia apart and drew the rope tightly between them, placing it right on top of my clit, I closed my eyes. She then took the rope from between crotch and tied several knots in the front. She then pulled the rope back through my pussy lips with the knots now strategically centered on all the sensitive places. Miko then brought the end of the rope up and tied it off to the waist rope in front, pulling it tight forcing the rope deeper between my pussy lips. I caught my breath. This was a very tight crotch rope.

Miko stepped back and smiled. Something was still missing she said and walked over to look through my bag for other toys. She picked up two metal nipple clamps that had a six-inch spring attached to the ends. Small fishing weights were connected to the springs. I watched her closely. I had hoped some nipple play would happen, but I didn’t write that into this script for some reason. I figured that the suspension would be enough erotic torment.

Miko also picked up another small rope and walked over and pulled the stool up behind me. I wasn’t sure what was she doing. I felt her tie one end of the rope to the back of the crotch rope. Then I heard her step on the stool. Miko then begin to braid my hair, which was now at the mid-back length, into a long pony tail. I knew what was coming. Finally, she tied the other end of the rope to the pony tail and gently pulled the rope tight. As she did this she gently pulled my head back until I was looking almost straight up at my bound hands. The rope was tied off in several knots. Any movement by my head only served to pull the crotch rope tighter. What a way to be tied?

As Miko stood behind me, I felt her run her fingernails lightly up my rib cages. I struggled, but to no avail. Her fingers continued up until the were on either side of my breasts. She slowly then reached around and gently cupped each breasts, as if she was determining their weight. Her index fingers gently teased each nipple. Miko leaned over and whispered that Jennifer had told her that she really loved my breasts. Miko could see why. I just moaned into my gag. As quick as the caressing started, it stopped and I could hear Miko climbing down off the stool.

Miko moved the stool out of the way and walked around in front of me. She just stood there and admired me. She then proceeded to gently pull my labia apart and attached a nipple clamp to each pussy lip, one on both sides of the crotch rope. I was surprised. I hadn’t ever tried this before and the feeling was a weird sensation. Miko stepped back and commented that this should hold me for while. She was right. All I could do was moan into the gag. She walked away from me but not without giving me a sharp slap on the butt. I jerked in surprise, but to no avail. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Chapter 54

All I could do was hang there. I tried to lower my head, but it only served to pull the crotch rope tighter. Movement was very restricted. With each try at moving, the clamps attached to my pussy lips would start to swing, pulling them back and forth causing the bite to increase. What bondage. I just there hung in defeat. I gave up to the bondage, don’t I always? Miko wasn’t done yet. I now got my wish for a little play as she placed a wooden clothespin on each hardened nipple. More moaning escaped my lips.

Miko had picked up her camera again and started to shoot more photos. Close-ups on the crotch rope and clamps on the pussy lips were first on the list, followed by the head bondage. Following the still shots, she again filmed about five minutes of video. Finally she was done. I had only been hanging about 15 minutes but it seemed longer. My arms were asleep and the clamps on my pussy lips were throbbing not to mention the clothespins on my nipples. The ball gag seemed to be growing as I moved my head and I was still drooling all over myself. Humiliation was also apart of the bondage fun. I was ready to be let down. Now where was Miko? I moaned into my gag, no response from her. Did she leave the room? I tried to shift my weight but again it only served to pull the crotch rope tighter against my clit and caused the clamps to again start to swing. I closed my eyes and waited, totally surrendered to my bondage. Next time, I would have to consider a blindfold to increase the sensory deprivation.

Suddenly I felt a cool soft hand on my ass. It was Miko. She was there. I heard her move the stool over next to me. She then told me that she was about the take the clamps off my labia. I moaned. I knew what was coming. She asked if I were ready. I moaned yes. Miko slowly unclamped the first clamp. The blood returned, and so did the familiar sharp pain, the same that happens in the nipples. It quickly died down to a dull roar. The other one was next. I held my breath. When they were off, Miko gently massaged the two small indentations left behind until the blood fully returned to the area. The tingling never seemed to stop. She then picked up a knife and cut the two ropes tied to my big toes. I was now able to once again bring my legs together. Miko walked around me and untied the rope attached to my pony tail. The tension on the crotch rope lessened. She moved the stool under my feet and helped me to lift myself up. I then stood on the stool as she pulled the second stool next to me. Miko climbed up and unlocked the locks that attached me suspension cuffs to the ceiling. I looked at her over my ball gag with much relief. Miko smiled.

She helped down off the ladder, then unbuckled and loosened the ball gag. It came out with a pop! Again she wiped my chin of drool. Finally she unlocked the cuffs and I could remove the bondage mittens. I reached up and slowly removed the clothespins from my nipples, rolling my eyes as the blood returned. I rubbed my arms as Miko untied the crotch rope and let it fall to the floor. As I stood there, she knelt and untied the small rope still wrapped around my big toes. I was free. I fell on the bed exhausted. That was some bondage position and hard work to boot. Miko quietly picked up the restraints and returned then to the suitcase for later use. Miko then gently lifted each arm and removed my leather gloves. I opened my eyes and smiled. I needed a small rest. My arms were still a little weak and my pussy lips were sore from the clamps. I reached up and lightly caressed my nipples, they were sore also. I would have to remember to use those pussy clamps on Jennifer next time we were together. Miko smiled and said it was Jennifer’s idea to have her try them on me. Pay backs would be hell upon Jennifer’s return.

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