Men on high heels or Baptiste Giabiconi by Karl Lagerfeld

baptiste_giabiconi-02 on high heelsIt struck me once we were changing after a training: I had a hairy chest and hairless legs, another guy nearby had hairy legs and a hairless chest. I looked around: most of the guys under 35-37 had hairless (shaven?) chest. Only I featured epilated legs. Funny… (see “to shave or not to shave” post).

As I suspected in “Why men do not wear pantyhose” it’s all about hairy legs. Not only the hairy legs look dirty they also destroy the whole silhouette.

And here’s a fresh example. French “Purple Fashion” magazine (Issue #12) featured a set of Karl Lagerfeld’s photo’s he made of his favourite model Baptiste Giabiconi. What stands out is 6″ stiletto heels.

Some critics compare Lagerfeld with Helmut Newton. I can’t agree with them. The style is different, the camera angle is different, the accents are different, etc. Despite I don’t like most Newton’s photos, his work is much more to the point then “what is this all about?” by Lagerfeld.

Is it just to show high heels on men’s legs? Then SHAVE them!

To show how good the model is? OK, Mr. Lagerfeld managed to achieve that goal on a couple of photos, and destroyed on the others. Compare the session with, for example, this one made by Simon O.

Photography as an art? I’m sorry, but the photo set is simply weak…

Thanks to Алекс and FashionDetails

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