Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 40. Beauty, fetishism and psychological types

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Beauty… Everybody defines beauty on his or her own way (tastes differ, don’t they?) and everybody behaves differently when they see a beauty. There are 16 psychological types after all, so we have 16 types of different reactions and 16 types of different expectations.

For example, when my daughter dresses to impress, she does not expect “WOW!!!! COOOOL!!!” from her boyfriend (like what I would absolutely frankly and sincerely say with big eyes), she can tell if he likes her outfit by subtle reactions and barely noticeable mimics. But for some that would not be enough, because they expect an explosion of compliments.

And then we have a group who would stand petrified or keep a distance with fear in their eyes, because they think that they do not deserve such a treasure. I bet for some types this behaviour will be the highest prise, and for some an utter disappointment. Go figure…

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