Christine Kessler Photography

Blue Zentai by Christine KesslerMany thanks to Zentai who literally showed me Christine’s works. How many female fetish photographers do you know? Usually it’s the other way around: male photographer, female model. This is what Michelle7 writes about her:

“Christine Kessler’s father was a professional photographer in his younger days, and it was he who instilled the love for photography she has today. And it happened at a young age – she recalls when she was in fourth grade on a field trip to Sacramento, and she was the only kid there with a Leica. Her formal training officially began in high school and later at college. This has all culminated in the magnificent vision showcased through her fabulous website, which is focused upon the eerie and beautiful world of fetishism and BDSM. Edgy and at times quite sexual, it is nonetheless, a gripping, tour de force that highlights the incredible beauty that she not only captures but creates as well.”
OK, no more words. Just a bunch of links:
Christine Kessler on eBay

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