What is your philia? Part II Beauty as a fetish. Omorphophilia?

“Beautiful girls” can be a fetish by itself, can’t it? If fetish is something what excites us regardless the content, can’t the pure beauty also belong to that philia-list?

And the name will be… Let’s see… Beauty is ομορφιά in Greek. Beautiful is όμορφο. Let’s call it omorphophilia!

And here’s an example of a girl I personally find beautiful. But unfortunately she does not exist in reality. Yes, it’s an existing lady, her name is Tori Tracy, she’s a model, and, yes, she’s beautiful, but … different from “my beauty fetish”. The photo is an effort of a stylist, a lightning assistant (Shelby Tilts), a photographer and a post-processor-photoshopper (Julia Kuzmenko McKim).

If you check other Tori’s photos, you won’t find anything similar to the photo I fell in love with. Even two other photos from the same session are different! It’s only one which strikes very deeply, keeps you staring and does not let go.

And who is your “reference beauty”? You can also upload images in the forum (Beauty. Is it a fetish or a mind-state-changer?)


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