ledapol 6 inch high heels 01Update Nov 26 @ 02:09

Me and my wife are thinking of buying these shoes for our daughter (and for me, of course ;-) , my wife is looking for something different) . Does anybody know if there is a place in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen) where such shoes can be tried on?

Posted on November 9, 2009 @ 13:57

My old 5″ + plato heels are broken – some straps are torn. The first damage (when I was almost knocked off the heels by the crowd during Europerve fetish party years ago) was repaired, but then came others. It’s very difficult to walk or even keep balance in high heeled sandals while wearing slippery lubricated latex stockings or pantyhose.

I’ve been looking for new heels for years. See here, for example. Tried on many, but did not like any.

With these Pleaser Domina shoes my quest is hopefully over. They have 6″ (15cm) heels (what is quite a bit over my ability, but I will have to train my Achilles tendon in the opposite direction), are available in two versions: lack or leather (see photos below) and are told to be made extra stable for men.

Haven’t ordered them yet, though. What do you think? Which version would you prefer?