I want these 6″ high heels

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Me and my wife are thinking of buying these shoes for our daughter (and for me, of course 😉 , my wife is looking for something different) . Does anybody know if there is a place in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen) where such shoes can be tried on?

Posted on November 9, 2009 @ 13:57

My old 5″ + plato heels are broken – some straps are torn. The first damage (when I was almost knocked off the heels by the crowd during Europerve fetish party years ago) was repaired, but then came others. It’s very difficult to walk or even keep balance in high heeled sandals while wearing slippery lubricated latex stockings or pantyhose.

I’ve been looking for new heels for years. See here, for example. Tried on many, but did not like any.

With these Pleaser Domina shoes my quest is hopefully over. They have 6″ (15cm) heels (what is quite a bit over my ability, but I will have to train my Achilles tendon in the opposite direction), are available in two versions: lack or leather (see photos below) and are told to be made extra stable for men.

Haven’t ordered them yet, though. What do you think? Which version would you prefer?

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  1. Oo i do too (want these)
    well, being me, i would definately go for lack, but its your choice

  2. I’m a bit hesitating about the design. Though I still like sandals with thin straps, I must admit they are not good for wearing with latex. Feet slide under the straps. I hope the shoes on the photos will hold feet better.

    And another rhetorical question. How to correctly put such shoes on while wearing latex stockings without tearing the precious latex? With a lubricant?

  3. Plenty of talc works for me. To avoid the slipping problem I like shoe-boots (shoes with an inside zip like a boot) but I’ve never seen any with heels above about 11cm. I have some 14cm lace-up Oxfords (with a platform)that don’t slip either.

  4. Ah, I did not realize they were Pleaser brand, I should have recognized.

    I had bought some boots from this line (Pleaser Domina) and was not happy with them. They felt unstable and like the heel was weak. I am not sure exactly why, but I am much more comfortable walking in other brands.

  5. The shoe/boots were from Oasis in Birmingham UK, I now recall, the branch nearest New Street rail station. The branch at the Bull Ring didn’t have them in the right size…the assistants at both branches were very CD/TV friendly though.
    The hosiery assistant at the Wolford stockists in Corporation Street was really friendly too, I bought Neons in natural and black, these are really sexy, she said, wink…

    I’ll see what I can come up with regarding Libidex rubber tights pics, I have them in opaque black and translucent grey… maybe I’ll post some pics on the forum…

  6. Culmor wrote:

    translucent grey

    One of my favourite colours. Not much luck with buying transparent latex, though. Either wrong colour, or not as transparent as on the websites, or bad glue…

    And those pesky air bubbles …

  7. Thanks Babette! Haven’t seen this shop yet.

    They do not have Pleasers, but the only 6″ leather model comes in either 35 and 37 or 35-36-37 sizes. The sizing is also different: Pleasers recommend to buy one size bigger, Silhouette one size smaller. Probably they have more in the shops in Rotterdam…

  8. You’re welcome! I have bought shoes from them in the past, and I am very satisfied. There asre also a number of e-bayshops that might sell these shoes…

  9. I own a pair of those they’re domina model 431 by pleaser, theyre a decent fetish shoe BUT they are ONLY 5.5 inches, not 6. Pleaser is always guilty of false advertising, they label their 4.5 inch heels as true 5 inchers and so on.

    alot of bondage websites use this shoe, its almost an industry staple

    if you buy it make sure you get the shiny patent version, its 10 times sexier than the dull boring leather one. and color black!

    dont pay more than 35 dollars for these TOPS. thats all theyre worth

  10. genie wrote:

    ONLY 5.5 inches, not 6

    So based on the proportions I guessed that correctly. Probably, size 45 (EU) does have 6″ heels.

    The leather version costs 30% more than the patent one. And the prices in Europe are much higher than in the US. Anyway, I ordered a pair for myself and a pair for my daughter – still nothing. Gonna ping them again …

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