Bound in a latex cocoon

See Part I, Part II and Part III.

In Part III we were discussing transparent and opaque masks. Let’s move further to transparent body bags. What usual body bags provide we all know. One tight solid cocoon. As with masks the transparency adds some drama and reality to the show.

Look at the first picture below and play with your imagination. First of all, “remove” the bag completely. And? Nothing extraordinary. Just a bound naked girl.

Next step. Make the bag completely opaque. Imagine, for example, a black garbage plastic bag. And? Nothing at all. Just a garbage bag full of garbage.

And finally, completely transparent bag. Hey! There’s a bound girl inside! Is she waiting for something? A bus? Who brought her here? And the imagination is boiling…

BTW, look at the drawing at the very beginning of the post. Does it remind you anything? Latex body bag with transparent front and back panels? Check this post!