transparent latex bondage doggy bodybag suitWhat: another version of the “latex puppy-froggy-bondage strait-jacket body bag” (see this post)

Where: super-qiqi eBay shop

Why: I like two things – the design and transparency. As I said in the “breath control” post, “transparency adds some drama and reality to the show”. You see what’s inside, but what’s inside does not see you. You see how arched the feet are. Very 7-8 inch ballet boots like, what makes walking crawling very difficult if not impossible.

The design, or to be more specific, the zippers, makes it easy to get into the suit. You do not have to shove your bent legs and arms into the tight compartments. Put the suit on, bend your limbs one by one and get someone (yes, no to self-bondage) to close the zipper.