Pantyhose and bicycles. Part III

See Part I and Part II.

Though the Earth is not that big, there are countries where it’s too hot, too cold, getting colder and getting warmer. Let’s talk about the latter. In NL, UK, DE, BE the temperature is rising from ~0 to +12, and that means…

… the girls are switching from the winter to the spring clothes! And that means …

… Pantyhose! This is what MadJack and I discussed in his investigation, and this is what I’m anticipating to see on the streets: mini skirts, pantyhose and bicycles. I love Holland!

9 hi-rez photos below.

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2 thoughts on “Pantyhose and bicycles. Part III”

  1. great collection 😉 i liked the 4th photo, the girl with denim mini short and pantyhose

  2. I’m jealous and thinking about a move to Holland!

    Personal favorite is the girl in ’07′ – I’d have crashed my car or walked into a lamp-post if I’d seen her 🙂

    I also love ’10′ with two (two! that’s being greedy) lovely ladies


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