High heels and latex (self-)bondage bags. Are they compatible?

latex-body-bag-03I love bondage bags (aka bodybags, latex sleeping bags or sacks, mummifying bags, etc) since my early childhood (5-7yo). I must admit it’s quite strange for a small kid (and I don’t care why! psychoanalysts shut up!), but I often imagined myself bound in a sack (in pantyhose and swimsuit(s)/leotard(s), of course!) with only my head sticking out (or head’s inside as well). (See also “Selfbondage and children” forum thread).

Well, I can buy them now and I have got one I use from time to time. It’s a plain rectangle loose latex bag with a zipper you can close from inside (by sticking your arm and then just finger outside). Nothing complicated. Just like a “vanilla” sleeping bag.

Of course, you can buy inflatable, form fitting, with internal sleeves, with built-in hood and gag, etc, this is all known stuff, but can you imagine something different? What can be different you may ask? It’s just a big condom with a zipper!

Sure, but wait…

There are some problems with a usual design:

  • You can’t see what’s going on inside
  • Most designs do not allow using the bags alone (aka self-bondage)
  • The zipper is not flexible (you feel it if the bag is tight)
  • You can’t use high heels!

Well, smart perverted minds are always thinking… And come up with new designs. Look at what my favourite latex supplier Simon O (no affiliation yet) has invented.

Bag 1

transparent latex body bag

Bondage Bag made from 0.35 mm Latex. Anatomical tight fitting design.

The Zipper is on the side so it is possible to get into the bag without help. Also the special pullers can be closed from inside the bag.

A Padlock allows to lock the bag.

See where the zipper is? On the side! Where no flexibility is needed! No ugliness anymore, so the back and the rear can be made completely transparent and without any seams. And you can clearly see who’s inside and what she/he is wearing and doing. (Hint: it’s Manuela and she’s not wearing anything 😉

And self-bondagers are very welcome!

Bag 2

transparent latex bondage bodybag

Bondage Bag made from 0.35 mm Latex. Cosmetic transparent is only available in 0.25 mm.

Anatomical tight fitting design with the possibility for an attached hood. The Zipper has 2 lockable sliders.

In the feet area you can choose (if you want) to get the bag with 2 reinforced holes for high heels like on the photo.

High! Heels! Can! Be! Worn! Inside! A! Latex! Bodybag!

And as a bonus, have a look at the “back seams”. Don’t they resemble back-seamed stockings?

No wonder I want these bags badly. (Actually, I want half of the stuff featuring there, and I have already ordered something…)

Sweet latex dreams to us all!

Do you have any ideas about the design (hey, we can ask the manufacturers to implement something we would like to see or experience) or using bodybags for selfbondage?

2 thoughts on “High heels and latex (self-)bondage bags. Are they compatible?”

  1. I think this looks pretty cool!
    I wish I was sitting in that position like that on the last page (but tied to something maybe)

  2. The problem with the bodybags is that you can’t bind yourself properly. Actually, you can, but what about the release? Nothing will be reachable through the bag and you can’t open the zipper with you arms bound behind the back.

    My latex bag has a zipper on the front, so it can be opened with hands bound in front, but it’s not that interesting.

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