Stella van Gent. Thigh high boots and shiny pantyhose

stella van gent in thigh high boots and shiny pantyhoseStella van Gent from Redoptics is wearing thigh high boots, shiny pantyhose and a short sweater, what leaves no more than 20cm of thighs clad in shiny nylon.

These 12 photos prove the relativity of mathematics – 10cm of thighs is much more than 20cm of calves 😉 See, for example, this photo.

2 thoughts on “Stella van Gent. Thigh high boots and shiny pantyhose”

  1. There’s also the inverse square law of boots, the further they go past the knee the much worse they fit 😉
    Stella’s boots aren’t a very good example of the law (they fit quite well) but generally I think knee boots (or just-covering-the-knee-boots) are more flattering. I’d rather see lycra than leather…

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