Your mind, imagination and fetishism. Patrick Andraste

andraste-02What does make a photo a “fetish” photo? In other words, why (looking at a photo) do you say:

  • true fetish photo
  • looks usual
  • typical pr0n
  • whatever

Why looking at a photo with a trussed gagged latex clad girl you may say:”I don’t believe it.” or “It’s not even crap. It’s plastic crap” or “Same… Always the same…”

But something simple like a stiletto heel with 3cm of a stocking clad leg makes you gasp? That was discussed many times at all possible levels, but the criteria, evaluation and results are still very subjective and based upon personal preferences, feelings, education, experience, imagination and so on.

In my case, imagination plays easily the most important role. There always must be some space for imagination. For example, I find drawings more “fetishy” than photos. (Also you may want to check the Imagined bondage series). And photos like these are much more sexy than any upskirt pics.

If you are still with me, let’s go on, who knows, probably we have the same “fetish patterns”? (That reminds me our discussion with Billy 😉 Click on

singleglove latex bound in public

I’ve already mentioned Patrick Andraste here. But unlike many “plastic” photographers, he shows you more than what’s on the photo, he lets you fly with your imagination.

1. A hogtied girl in a latex dress, fishnet pantyhose and a single-glove. Nothing unusual. But look around. Grass!!! She’s bound outside! In public! Everybody can see her, but little transparent latex mummification can she do about it.

2. She’s not even bound, but probably this is how she usually spends her nights (see also “One of her mornings“).

(Mmmm… Still hesitating, but eventually I will buy a latex balloon.)latex stocking high heel bike

3. Just her shiny, latex clad leg, a high heel shoe and a bike. The rest can be extrapolated according to your current fantasy 😉

fishnet pantyhose latex

4. Same can be said about the following photo. You do not need any “upskirts”, there’s nothing new up there… Or is there? What do you think? 😉

5. Bound, gagged, wrapped in plastic and secured with sticky tape, thrown away in a abandoned forest and covered with “Falling leaves”. It’s autumn, it’s getting dark, and the “falling leaves start continue to fall”

bound mummified in forest bound gagged mummified in forest

latex catsuit ballet boots latex hood gag bondage mittens6. A latex catsuit locked with a metal collar latex hood with a gag and nose holes only, locked bondage mittens, locked ballet boots with 8″ heels. She is basically free. She can move around the house, she can go outside, she can open and close doors… But she cannot see, talk, eat or drink and most importantly, she can not remove anything. She’s locked inside her clothes. And this is what the bondage is about (see also Should the bondage be complicated?)

transparent latex zentai catsuit7. And this is a special photo. Zentai made out of transparent latex. You can see what/who is inside. She can not see you. She can see only spots of light and vague contours of the outside world. She looks naked despite the confining thick rubber shell. She looks (and actually is) vulnerable from the outside, but inside she feels secure and protected with her new perfect skin.

Time to go to bed…

This is what Patrick wrote on his site:

I take pictures that hopefully make you think, or at the least go what in the world are they doing…

Not very far from what I discovered by myself 😉

You can find Patrick Andraste here:

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  1. I’ve just reread what I had written here in the middle of the night. Mmm…. “broken logic, too many spelling errors, missing words but I hope you got the idea 😉

    Fixed what I could find at 3AM (yeah, again)

    Hey Patrick, thanks for visiting! I do like your photos (regardless the subject 😉

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