Amsterdam, de Bijenkorf, pretty girl, long legs and black pantyhose

IMG_1007 teen girl in black pantyhoseDid I miss anything in the title? Probably a short skirt and the distance I took this photos from. I was leaning over rail two floors (huge shopping centre floors, that is) above the couple (could not come closer). I noticed the girl from even higher, when she was walking around.

Something to light the shopping up 😉

I wish I had a professional camera with me, but fortunately I had at least my trusty Canon G9. I do remember how I missed these legs

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam, de Bijenkorf, pretty girl, long legs and black pantyhose”

  1. Hmm, I guess I would be kinda pissed if somebody would secretly snatch pictures of me and my gf in public. Especially if they are going to be posted on the internet. Is this even legal?

  2. Anonymous ” wrote:

    Is this even legal?

    Yes, if made in a public place, from a public place, if making photos is officially explicitly prohibited at this place, and for non-commercial use.

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