Zentai and fitness or your turn!

muscular man shiny metallic zentaiI’ve heard many times, that tight clothes are intended for women, not men, that men in tight clothes look ridiculous, that women will not consider men in tight shiny nylon/lycra/spandex.

I think I know where this “public opinion” comes from. There is always at least one (usually I say “at least three”, but I would like to be on the safe side today) reason. (See, for example, why men do not wear pantyhose article.) The reason is – bad shape.

Sorry guys, but most of us are “out of shape.” Look at the photos below… Show me a person (a man, a woman, a kid, does not matter) who claims that this man look less attractive or handsome in the tight shiny black metallic zentai suit and I will question his/her honesty.

Seriously, stop whining and go to the gym. Or better run… BTW, did you answer the question “Would you wear fetish clothes more often if you had a more sporty figure?”

BUT!!! If you are not fit and shaped like top athletes, this is not the reason NOT to wear fetish clothes. Did you notice “more often” in my question?

Credits to ZentaiViking Brown

4 thoughts on “Zentai and fitness or your turn!”

  1. This man could wear anything, it wouldn’t do him any visual harm. I remember a video of Queen, where Freddy Mercury was wearing high heels, pink mini latex skirt and some female top. He is one of those too, even with unshaved legs and his usual moustache.

    I still think, it is not the shape, not for tight suits and the like. Skirts are a bit more dangerous, because they often emphasise the female shape and there is no female shape on men. Tights enhance the shape of the legs, and that isn’t a male problem at all. I often see women in tights or leggins, who should rather wear baggy pants or long skirts. It is the “pear on two wires” or the “pear on salami” image. The typical men’s shape is “flying V”, which is the genuine baywatch style (ignoring that the legs are visual indeed). Combined with a colourful miniskirt, it turns into the “landing v-shaped UFO” style. But that is talking extremes, the average woman doesn’t look better in female clothes than the average man, except, that we are more familiar with the first.

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