Wardog’s fetish and bondage art. Updated.

Wardog bondage fetish latex art (1)Updated on Jun 27, 2011 @ 02:08: Due to some glitches big images could not be uploaded in the forum. Posting them here. Many thanks to Krinlyc!

Published on: Jun 26, 2011 @ 3:00:
My first thoughts when I first looked at the picture on the left were: “That’s tight! Hm… That does not look like a catsuit… The person within the latex cocoon is bound with rope… Then he or she was placed in a rubber bag, then the bag was either heat crimped or the air was sucked out of it. I doubt that person can move an inch…”

Then when I zoomed in I noticed the signature: “Wardog“. So… It was not a photo!!!

I’ve been looking for Wardog’s art since TTD first introduced me to his work. Everything I could find on the Inet is either here, in this post or in Deep throat gags and forced deep throat self-bondage scenarios. What I like is his creativity which makes me think about possible bondage or selfbondage scenarios based on the drawings.

If, by any chance, you have more of his images, please upload them in this forum thread.

21 drawings below.

8 thoughts on “Wardog’s fetish and bondage art. Updated.”

  1. Great art – from the almost cvomic to the very erotic.

    Personal favorite is ’20’ which really hits the spot for me


  2. Oops invented a new word there!

    ‘Cvomic’ is very clearly the russian spelling of ‘comic’

    oh dear -it’s Monday again!


  3. I think, my favourites are 2, 3, 5 and 7.
    From a SB point of view, 5 is the most inspiring. For the looks, it is 2.

  4. So… It was not a photo!!!

    It looks more like a photo with a chain photo-chopped on to me.

  5. Not just the chain. Check for what’s going on underneath the suit/bag. Possible to draw this as well over a photo, though.

  6. Hi.
    Thankyou for adding some of my artwork to your online gallery/blog.
    Picture ’20’ is in fact a 3D render which I created using the sculpture program Zbrush.

    You can find me over on DeviantArt.
    I have recently started to do commissioned artwork for my fan,or could that be,fans!

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