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Time, time, time, time…. Time is ticking away, time is money, I’m running short of time, I have no time, you can’t stop the time, everything takes time… You hear that everyday, don’t you? But do you know how much time you actually spend on your hobbies, your fetishes, surfing Internet, etc?

Usually, I run several profiled browsers (Firefox) on several virtual screens. One for my work, one for general browsing and technical forums I closely follow, one for XXX browsing and one dedicated to this site. But the old and outdated OS had a memory leak somewhere, so after a week everything grinds to a halt. One temporary solution is to reboot the server, another is to kill one of the big processes. Aka Firefox. The first one to go is the XXX one, the second – the one I use to maintain this site.

This is exactly what I did about three weeks ago, what freed up not only several gigabytes of RAM but also lots of hours a day. Suddenly, I got more time for my work, for trainings and I still had some spare hours left.

And after a week, I finally (after almost 3 years!) I decided to upgraded the OS on my server (hey, I’ve some spare time!) Unlike expected 24-40 hours (to move the data, to unmirror disks, to install a new system, to configure it and install the necessary software, etc.) it took me about 12 to get my family back online. Cool! And it works so much faster now!

However, lots of apps needed to be recompiled. Considering dependencies, features, missing libraries, bugs and errors it’s not an easy task at all. So, I had to move my work aside and concentrate on compiling and administering. Took me about 10 days to get the most important software back.

And then there was training. Last several weeks I train every day plus additional exercises to improve flexibility (30-40 min twice a day). I usually do this in my son’s room (space and mirrors). During one of these stretching sessions I was sitting on the floor with my legs wide apart, looking in the mirror, where I could see a man in thin shiny silver pantyhose (nice view, btw, and the only positive emotion) and listening to the sounds emerging from a neighbour room where my teenage daughter was kissing etc. with her boyfriend.

Very strange feelings, I should say… Very… Have you read “The Rubber Trigger” by Bob Masters? Anyway, I was thinking about all of that while sitting almost in a bondage position (think of a spread-bar) with pain between my legs (because of overstretched muscles, but you may think about what you want). Sport, BDSM, fetish, family, kids, sex, life… All-in-one 😉

After a couple of injuries last week my trainings fell off, thus freeing some spare time for XXX-firefox and updating the site. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And yesterday I found out that Kona (the author of the Super Deep Throat game) is suffering the same burn-out syndrome.

Probably I cannot plan properly, probably I want too much, but on the other hand I dedicate most of my efforts to the field I’m currently most interested in (or forced by circumstances) to get the most out of it. But it’s such a pain in the ass to return to something you left weeks, months or even years ago, knowing that you are sooooo behind your former level and you have to start from the beginning…

BTW, can you think of any suitable picture?

Update: found a picture. Again by fabulous Lady Arrakis 😉

4 thoughts on “Time, computers, hobbies, fetishes, kids and life”

  1. Welcome back. I did miss you.

    I hear you. I too, get so involve that after a few weeks, I get board or discusted with a project that my brain goes num. Last week, I did nothing but sleep and watch old videotapes. No electronics, no bondage, Nothing.

    Sometimes we do need a break in life.

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