Fetish, latex and fashion in Second Life. Part IV

See Part I, Part II and Part III.

The virtual reality of Second Life can give you absolutely unreal abilities. You can change your body, your appearance, your sex, you can ignore laws of physics, you can ignore the public moral, you can do and wear whatever you want.

You can enjoy made to measure transparent latex outfit and ridiculously high heels all day long and everywhere. Without any fear of falling down, getting tired, having cramps, fighting air bubbles and perspiration.

However, some things remain the same. For example, if you can’t design and make your clothes and tools – you have to buy them.

See 63 pictures below.

2 thoughts on “Fetish, latex and fashion in Second Life. Part IV”

  1. Nylonator ” wrote:

    they’re almost never shiny

    True, mostly they are fishnets or black stockings.

    Nylonator ” wrote:

    my first move was to make pantyhose for my avatar myself

    Nice smooth shine indeed! (Still not gonna play SL 😉

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