Fetish and (self-)bondage in Second Life. Part I

What would you do if you have some desires or wishes you can not make in the real life? The gifted can draw. The rest can use their own imagination, or use the drawings by watching or in the virtual reality worlds like Second Life.

I’ve never played in the Second Life for various reasons, but from what I see on the pictures (see below or in this forum thread) is pretty amazing. You can create or buy bondage and fetish tools, devices and attire and make your virtual “You” enjoy (or suffer) various predicaments. From what I understand from what Strappado wrote selfbondage is also possible.

If you have any experience with bondage and fetish in Second Life, please share here or in the forum.

But the Japanese are (as always) one step ahead. Make sure you have checked Namidame Nakamori‘s flash-galleries and let us know what you think.

In a nutshell – I’m impressed. I wish I could do that in the real life… Also, lots of bondage or selfbondage ideas there.

5 thoughts on “Fetish and (self-)bondage in Second Life. Part I”

  1. Self-bondage is possible in Second Life. I will write more in the above mentioned thread.

  2. I’m used to doing self-bondage in second life, especially with a RLV compatible viewer that enable some feature to make more realistic some restraints… Like can’t remove cuffs if they are locked, can’t talk if gagged and can’t teleport if leashed, etc! With the time, kinky scripters use their imagination to making more evil their toys.

    For self-bondage, two possiblities is interesting:

    1) self-bond with a timer, so you have to wait the time you set before being free…
    2) self-bond in public mode, so you can’t untie or unlock yourself! You have to find someone who will enough kind to release you or who choose to play with you before… 😛

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