self-bondage single-glove in second lifeSee Part I and Part II.

In a virtual world everything is possible. With some programming skills you can bend and tweak the habitual laws of physics and biology and create devices or species not possible or not yet invented or designed in the real world.

You need two things: imagination and ability to draw (or describe so someone else will draw for you and or script for Second Life).

While I can’t call the demonstrated imagination exceptional I definitely like some virtual bondage tool designs made for Second-life. And I wish they existed in our world.

For example, have look at the description of the single-glove on the left:


Extremely Detailed armbinder, monoglove, singleglove, locking, texture/color change, sculpty buckles, key owner system, timelock, always bound technology..

The RF Armbinder has many features and is superbly crafted and designed with high detail and functionality throughout.
When you wear your binder, you will feel the warmth and comfort of being securely wrapped and strapped in a deluxe restraint.

Also I like the set of belts and how they are connected to each other and to the collar. All buckles are lockable. Absolutely inescapable.

The “back bender” (see the image below) contains an “anal fuck-machine” and is remotely operated (each ring can be opened or closed separately).

The “dildo stand”, “bondage stakes” and “executive conference table” have a self-bondage timer. BTW, the “dildo stand” is an example of the unreal devices.

The “discipline suit” is very versatile. Many bondage positions are possible.

The vanilla looking BDSM bedroom furniture can be converted to various bondage equipment “on request”.

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