The beauty of latex encasement

total latex encasement bondageIt wouldn’t be too far from the truth if I say that naked bodies do not interest me. Yes, there are exceptions, but the rule of thumb is: the less bare skin the better. The materials to use are, obviously, lycra, nylon and latex.

Some people are more strict about this dress code. For example, TTD: “No bare skin, only latex. Period.” Actually, I’m very close to this opinion 😉

Next step is total encasement. I wrote about the psychological effect of masks here. The wearer sees practically nothing, but for a spectator it’s a completely different experience (see also this post).

12 photos below.

One thought on “The beauty of latex encasement”

  1. Hmmm… a good topic and one I’m very interested in.

    Same thoughts about naked bodies – a very few work for me, most do not. Take the same person (preferably female) and encase them in latex, lycra or nylon and I’m 100% focused on them – shape and size becomes less important (nakedness shows everything…) but the visual experience is more intense (well, for me it is!).

    I try for 100% encasement myself (you’ll see form my postings)and even without the obvious ‘bondage’ of ropes, etc I still feel ‘bound’ in some manner.

    Love the pictures


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