French maids in latex and bondage art Part VI. Or cleaning as a fetish sport

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You may already know that my usual jogging attire is a neoprene catsuit or a short thin neoprene swimsuit with shiny pantyhose (see What is the fetish sport #1? Jogging and Running Or my new neoprene wetsuit and Jogging in pantyhose zentai and rubber catsuit). Only when the temperature raises to +25 I change into a t-shirt with leggings or bike shorts with pantyhose.

Yesterday it was about +9°C so I was wearing a thin neoprene full wetsuit (with long sleeves and long legs). When I got back home, I thought: “Since I’m already dressed in rubber, I can make use of it and do some dirty chores like bathroom and toilet cleaning without fear of staining my home clothes with bleach, detergents and other aggressive liquids”. Also, it’s easy to wash off any “residuals” by simply taking a shower.

The house was full, so I did not have an opportunity to add something interesting like plugs, gags or hoods. But in any case this proves (again) what my wife said: “latex is for janitors clothes.” I would rephrase it a bit – “Latex is made for maids!” (to make their job easier, cleaner and more hygienic).

BTW, isn’t “cleaning” a fetish sport? It requires a lot of energy, flexibility and stamina. If you are not trained enough, after a couple of hours of intensive washing/vacuuming/rubbing your muscles will hurt a couple of more days. And as for any sport, it requires a corresponding uniform, a suitable clothing which does not hinder your movements, easy washable and functional. And this is: tight latex!

Enjoy 16 “latex maid” drawings. See also How to spice up your daily chores forum thread.

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