Very close to my ideal self-bondage session

bondage in latex zentai single-glove high heelsUpdated on Jan 22, 2011 @ 02:22: Added another version of this drawing.

Posted on Jan 17, 2011 @14:24:
It’s always nice to find another person who’s got similar fetish and bondage interests and thinks alike. I’ve just found this drawing on one of the image boards, so I’ve no ideas who the author is or where it’s taken from.

If you followed my self-bondage adventures you may notice that this is basically what I’m trying to do with some additions (or missing elements).

Let’s go item by item:

  • Latex encasement and sensory deprivation. Always my goal. Sometimes several layers, there must be no skin visible. Tightly gagged, blindfolded and ear-muffled.
  • High heels. Yes, when I’ve got them with me and where they can’t damage latex sheeting.
  • Penis sheath connected to the gag. I always use this construction, if possible. Also, the last times I indeed added a vibrator to the picture.
  • Butt-plug with a vibrator. Butt-plug — always (no plug – no bondage). But All my favourite plugs have no built-in vibrators.
  • Nipple vibrators. Never used them. I do not have so many vibs (hmm… why?) and I do not know how to fix them in place without damaging latex suits. Ideas?
  • Padded harness. I like the harness which keeps everything in place and adds the proper feelings to the bondage. Note the shoulder padding. If you (like me) use tight karada, you would notice that the shoulder rope painfully bites into the skin. Such harness can be easier, faster and more precise put on.
  • Single-glove. Something I can’t put on/off alone or use without my arms going numb. As a replacement I use bike shorts single-glove. Not as tight, not latex, difficult to wear on top of latex, but it works.
  • Hog-tie position. One of my favourites. Greatly reduce the ability to move around.

My additions would be … hmm… enema. Yes, I can’t think of anything else. And you?

14 thoughts on “Very close to my ideal self-bondage session”

  1. Hubba-hubba!

    What an image – I can’t believe how sexy it is. Encased, bound, tormented – wonderful!

    Love the idea of an enema, can’t quite imagine the nipple vibrators (or the big bust for that matter!) but what the hell 🙂

    Biggest ‘turn-on’? It’s got to be the pipe from the penis sheath to my, oops sorry, THE gag (getting turned on again).

    Great find Ra – lets get some more from this artist


  2. Probably two more additions: inflatable gag and inflatable enema butt-plug with a vibrator. OTOH, I love the idea of being able to expel the enema during the session, so you can get more flow in. For me it’s the flow what I like the most in enemas. Combined with vibrators = incredible sensations.

  3. A condom over or under the latex hood would be lovely, just my breathless opinion <3

  4. For 3:33-4:44 minutes under supervision of course 😛 Plastic & latex when worn with love, they don’t let you go, mmm.

  5. Thanks LycranLatex! I have most of the images (also published on this site), but some of them are new to me. Checking further …

  6. Wow! I can imagine how your mind must drift when in this position, I am seeking to find a way to achieve similar feeling perhaps saran wrap but need to do it alone as I have no one to help. I think you are very lucky to have someone to help you achieve what you want!

  7. I think I know how to put vibrators in the breasts and to keep the look of an erected penis even if it’s soft.

    I would like to know where to get a latex suit like the one above

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