Can this be considered self-bondage?

bondage artCan this be considered a self-bondage method?
Probably not, but definitely worth thinking about…

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Author: Lilish28

Bondage art

– a variant of the story behind this image(thanks to MadJack) – updated on Mar 29, 2017

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  1. To be more precise, this is the page:

    The text is:


    鉄棒 (img 1)
    15分後  (img 2)

  2. Definitely not a tutorial, because “tutorial” (as far as I understand this word) is related to a personal experience I definitely lack in this case.

    Suspension and single-gloves are two subjects many self-bondagers are dreaming about, but both are considered extremely unsafe if practiced alone.

    I have never tried self-suspension, because I can neither devise a reliable release mechanism, nor even guarantee the safety during the session.

    But I DO think of it from time to time. Any ideas are very welcome.

  3. While this looks like it would be a great idea for bondage suspension, i dont think it would be very good for sb. from the looks of it, it would be very easy to restrict the blood flow going to your wrists and thus making them go numb.

    i also dont see a way to get out of it safely! as much as you impulsive sb’ers out there see this as cool, just dont do it alone!

    all the best. safe play.

  4. I have fun hanging up side down for the night. if it is possible to hang like the picture u might use a bench or chair to get closer to bar, atach noos to bar after geting tied up slip of the chair!let me know if Iam close!

  5. Yes, Patrick, this is one of the ways of getting in the bondage. But the question is how to get out.

    Sturdy serious ice-locks?

    Also, using nooses is definitely not recommended because they will either break the wrists or seriously cut the blood circulation.

    Only the specially designed hand-cuffs may be used for the suspensions.

  6. it’s difficult to get into, and to get out i tied a knife to the hook i used to suspend myself from. problems are that it caused my back to forcefully arch in a painful manner – not in a good way. if i didn’t tie the knife in this would indeed be completely inescapable and probably fatal.

  7. Actually, suspension techniques like this should be possible with having the rope one is actually hanging from resting over the back and ribage. A karada often feels like a ‘backpack’. This is because it encases the body.

    Something like described above COULD be done alone. (Though I would NOT recommend it, due to safety reasons.) Don’t expect to come out of it alone though… You’re going to be discovered… 😉

  8. Suspension (if not done properly) can cause lots of pain. I tried one simple thing last summer (to be published). Mmmm… lesson learnt…

  9. The idea is hot, but wrist suspension is hard to do without injury. The drop illustrated in the cartoon would almost certainly shoulders the shoulders or wrists.

    My personal best results have been with suspension cuffs made from soft 2in. nylon webbing. I’ve tried them for SB and with subs. I’ve never gotten great results with SB, yet. With the right padding and careful tying, a couple subs have been able to enjoy wrist suspension for a few minutes. There’s just too much strain on wrists and shoulders for longer scenes.

    Ankle suspension is a whole different deal. That can be great for SB! I use the same soft, 2 inch nylon straps to bind my ankles. I attach a set of double-block pulleys that give a 4:1 mechanical advantage. The other end of the pulley set is anchored to a beam in my garage. It’s easy to pull my bound ankles high enough to just let my head clear the floor. I tie the free end of the rope to an electric door lock that’s anchored to the floor. (The door lock is timed to release the rope in about 10 minutes.) Then I cuff my hands behind my back. The cuff keys are on the floor.

    The risks include having the rope tangle as it runs through the pulley system, and having the lock release unexpectedly, dropping me on my head. (I keep my head almost touching the floor and keep a pad under my head.) I suspect that staying suspended upside down for long could induce blackouts. I do feel a lot of pressure in my head after a few minutes.

    The next SB experiment involves a double balloon enema nozzle and a medium-large enema bag… An upside down enema might be interesting, but I’ve still got some planning to do before I’ll ready to try it.

    Anybody else played with SB ankle suspension?

  10. doubleflash wrote:

    I suspect that staying suspended upside down for long could induce blackouts. I do feel a lot of pressure in my head after a few minutes.

    Yes, this is exactly why I’m afraid of ankle suspension. But the following:

    doubleflash wrote:

    An upside down enema

    is one of my secret desires 😉

  11. doubleflash wrote:

    Anybody else played with SB ankle suspension?

    The Japanese suspend horizontally spreading the pressure points along the rope harness and the whole body. Probably this is the most safe suspension type, However, self-bondage would be very difficult. Though not impossible.

    What about one rope going back and forward between rolls on one rail and a rope harness? It can be tightened with one pull. The release method must avoid:

    doubleflash wrote:

    The risks include having the rope tangle as it runs through the pulley system, and having the lock release unexpectedly, dropping me on my head.

  12. Lots of good ideas and thoughts here – could be continued across in the ‘suspension self-bondage’ thread on the forum?

    Doubleflash: you talked about an inverted/upside down enema. Have a care – I’ve read conflicting advice on this, some saying it’s very risky, others claiming it to be great. Like Ra, I have the fantasy, but want to play it safe. This link shows a self bondage inverted enema (It is not my scene, but found it when investigating the safety of an inverted enema)

    Play safe


  13. Cool link to the inverted enema.

    Madjack is right. The information on inverted enemas is wildly conflicting. I’m going to gradually try different configurations and volumes to see how it goes. This may turn out to be one of those “too close to the edge” things. But, the research should be delightful 😉

    I still need to work through some safety and backup release issues for the basic self suspension before I add water.

    Should we move this thread somewhere more appropriate?

  14. doubleflash wrote:

    Should we move this thread somewhere more appropriate?

    You can copy&paste your messages into the forum:

    /forum/mybb/showthread.php?tid=140 – suspension self-bondage
    /forum/mybb/showthread.php?tid=149 – inverted enemas

  15. yes in a way it can be done in sb. i got 3 plastic tubs and stood om thm so i was cruching to have my head below the pole i was using. i crudly tied my ancles together, and looped the rope around the pole and back behind me. then i wrapped it once under my ancle tie. i made a slopknot near the end. now the difficult part. i put the last bit of rope in front of me and over the
    pole. finnally i put my hands in the slipknot and kicked over 2 of the bins and hun gor about 25 minutes. i wouldent recomend more than that because it started to hurt. NOTE: this is reletivly easy to get out of.

  16. Note: in my preveious post, when i wrote it, i did not know the second part of the photo exisited. Sorry for any inconvience it may have caused.

  17. this would look good to do if there was a second person to help you out to get in to position using ladders then gentlely get you in to the position maybe?

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