I want this swimsuit!

neoprene rubber swimsuit and shiny pantyhoseFound on flowerline and Oceanline. Please note that the Japanese site shows the neoprene swimsuits with shiny pantyhose. Oceanline is missing the point 😉

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  1. Want it and would love to have the beauty in it as well – good one! (better not say that to my nearest and dearest!)

  2. I got two neoprene swimsuits, love to wear them. A good place to order stuff like this at reasonable prices is http://www.oceanline.de. Keep in mind that neoprene doesn’t stretch as much as lycra so you have to get the size right.

  3. Thanks johngerners! I completely forgot about that site. BTW, I could get to it only when Java is disabled in my browser. Tried Firefox on different platforms and Explorer.

    Anyway, this swimsuit is the most similar to the one I posted originally:

  4. BTW, did you notice how shiny pantyhose change the look? The Ocean Line photos are good (especially from the rear), but “something” is still missing.

    However, I must confess that the Ocean Line swimsuit will not sit that spectacular between the buttocks, unless special pantyhose are used (don’t remember the name, they are made to be worn under tight jeans or trousers).

  5. HEHEHEHE I got one of these! I opted for the “Brazil wetsuit” which is a Y back and thin, but not thong butt. I really considered the thong cut, as shown on this page, because I really liked that fully closed back, but I was concerned about space up front, so to speak.

    At first, I wasn’t all that impressed. The finish is a little more of a matte look than I was expecting, kind of like latex before you slick it all up. I haven’t tried this yet, but I bet the same latex shining goo will work on this as well. The Y back kind of left me craving just a little more coverage. Something just didn’t feel quite right. Then came my great epiphany! Turn it inside out!!! 😀

    Oh the rubbery goodness!!! It’s not as sticky as latex, but it kind of clings to you a little, very nice feeling. No air pockets anywhere, even in the boobage region. I’m actually fairly impressed with how much this material can stretch. I was expecting a lot of tugging like with latex. Even inside out, it looks good. Kind of like a normal black swimsuit with a backwards zipper in the front. There aren’t any weird looking pads or seams.

    I bought mine from this ebay store: The-Lycra-Shop

    Two reasons why:

    1. No screwing around with that weird oceanliner.de german website.

    2. It got here in only 3 days! I’m in the U.S. though.

    Overall, totally worth it! Now that I know how flexible the material is, I think I might should have gone for the full back thong cut, but it’s hard to tell because this one is 1mm thick and the thong cut is 2mm thick. I guess I should be more clear, it’s stretchy material compared to latex, but it’s not quite as stretchy as a normal swimsuit.

    I’ll have to give an update when I try slicking it up. It might be a while though, because I would have to take this off and turn it right-side out again first… 🙂

  6. Hehehe, I still haven’t taken it off!! I just can’t bring myself to do it, it’s just too nice!

    :O WHOA!!! I think yours is better than mine… You better be careful, if mine is this addictive inside out, I can’t imagine what yours would be like! Is that like a slick feeling rubber?

  7. It’s quite silky. You can find some more images here:


  8. I can finally confirm that it does shine up with latex goo! I still prefer inside out though. Did you ever get a chance to try it?

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