Stumbled upon on eBay. Purple latex swimsuit

Updated on Aug 20, 2011 @ 04:05:The suit is on sale again!

Posted on Jul 28, 2011 @ 4:42:
What: Latex swimsuit made by Rubberlicious. 0.05 deep purple and transparent latex.

Where: the item (it’s not currently listed, but since there were no bids made, it may reappear again), the seller

Why: Several interesting moments here.

Design. It’s constructed just like a usual one-piece swimsuit. Nothing fancy, no extremely high leg cut-outs, no closed back, no zips, tank top. But thanks to two colours the wearer will look much slimmer. The dark (purple in this case) defines the silhouette, while the transparent latex hides what should not be visible. Very clever!

The seller:

The bathing suit are made from 5 pieces of latex and are countoured to fit nice around one’s curves. Flat one dimentional latex clothing squish your boobs flat but this dress accentuates the breasts and fits nicely around the curves. The front ‘princess seams’ are really comfortable and form-fitting!

Material. As always, I looked for Rubberlicious. The only blog entry says that she’s got a latex allergy! So, all her creations are made out of 100% latex-free rubber. She does not go into details, but it’s neither neoprene nor pvc. I suspect that this is dandelion latex. Her official website does not exist anymore, so no details or shop are available.

And the most interesting comment from the seller:

If you’ve never swam in latex… you’re in for an experience! You feel like a dolphin – wet and slippery. I wore an identical black and yellow latex bathing suit on a recent vacation and WOW… Not only was it a really unique experience but people loved looking at me in my skin tight shiny latex.

No comments needed 😉

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  1. These swimsuits are great looking. I do wish they would make a few in queen size for me of course.

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