And it indeed happened. Right after I paid for the next 6 month and additional traffic (it’s huge!). It took the hosting company almost two days to recover the service and took me a day to recover the site. The unavoidable stream of gloomy thoughts:

– Why do I still spend my time, efforts and money on all that stuff (yeah, that crappy feeling again)? Apart from the educational part of it?
– Do not rely upon the provider, back up frequently (fortunately I had a backup)
– Isn’t it the time to change the hoster (ha! right after I have extended the contract?)
– Dynamic database based super ultra CMS driven fully automatic everything’s included website is still not as reliable and predictable as plain file based every-change-takes-half-an-hour one. One glitch in the database or in the software (WordPress is not that brilliant as it looks on their website) and you’re stuck with garbled pages.
– OK, back to tracing, troubleshooting, tweaking, profiling, in short all the not supposed to be visible to a normal user stuff.
– Hey, where’s the promised fun? It’s a fetish site to begin with!
– When I was composing the post the server stopped working again… Pissed off…