Crash happens

And it indeed happened. Right after I paid for the next 6 month and additional traffic (it’s huge!). It took the hosting company almost two days to recover the service and took me a day to recover the site. The unavoidable stream of gloomy thoughts:

– Why do I still spend my time, efforts and money on all that stuff (yeah, that crappy feeling again)? Apart from the educational part of it?
– Do not rely upon the provider, back up frequently (fortunately I had a backup)
– Isn’t it the time to change the hoster (ha! right after I have extended the contract?)
– Dynamic database based super ultra CMS driven fully automatic everything’s included website is still not as reliable and predictable as plain file based every-change-takes-half-an-hour one. One glitch in the database or in the software (WordPress is not that brilliant as it looks on their website) and you’re stuck with garbled pages.
– OK, back to tracing, troubleshooting, tweaking, profiling, in short all the not supposed to be visible to a normal user stuff.
– Hey, where’s the promised fun? It’s a fetish site to begin with!
– When I was composing the post the server stopped working again… Pissed off…


6 thoughts on “Crash happens”

  1. hm, how many traffic do you have?
    I have a virtual server form, comes with 1tb traffic which is way too much for me (normally i need 30gb) 🙂

  2. WOW! 1TB! I need at least 40GB per month. BTW, I found another provider (in one of the ads on the site 😉 with 1TB, PHP and mysql. But that happened after I extended the contract.

    Another question is if they accept fetish sites. Not all hosting companies like that.

  3. lol you know more than me, ill let you worry about it

    btw my friend uses a site called bluehost and likes it, idk if that helps u

  4. This one looks really good, Clam! It costs a bit more, but it comes with unlimited traffic (since the traffic is significant, I have to pay extra). Checking their Terms and Conditions….

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