Silver Aurora and non-zentai people

Aurora in silver zentaiSunny Tenerife, annoying seagulls, relaxed atmosphere, laid back people and …

… suddenly you see this stunning shiny silver figure… What would your reaction be? OK-OK, since you are here and most likely know what zentai is, your reaction is quite predictable. But let’s have a look at the other (“non-zentai”) people.

Check this post in Aurora‘s diary.

Source: “Mirror Girl”. Photos by Billy.

4 thoughts on “Silver Aurora and non-zentai people”

  1. Stunning. And amazingly form-fitting. Look at how well defined the fingers are, too.

    If I saw one like that somewhere, I would most definitely forget where I was going and what I was doing.

  2. You may have seen these pictures on eBay. Zentai manufacturers took them from Aurora’s website to “misadvertise” their production.

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