Bugs, glitches, spooky features, illnesses…

Usually these things happen simultaneously.  Regardless of their predictability.

  1. Suddenly it happened again.  Something broke. Just like the last time. But unlike last time the blog completely disappeared from Internet Explorer.
  2. My son caught a virus. High temperature, etc.
  3. The blog admin panel stopped responding.
  4. It was the time to upgrade the operating system on my home server. But the upgrade program refused to upgrade it with an absolutely idiotic error.
  5. Got rid of the error and upgraded the server. But the graphical interface (along with the rest of my home network) gone with the wind.
  6. 3 days and nights later after I tried almost everything I decided to downgrade the system. But just when I was ready to start the downgrading I discovered (thanks to the developers blog) that it is a feature of the new system and there is a simple workaround.
  7. The server was back, most of the annoying bugs were fixed, but the blog was still not working.
  8. 2 days later the blog started to work again. I did nothing. Apparently it was something wrong with the hoster ‘s webserer (broken redirecting).
  9. My son looks OK.
  10. Still tired… And the new working week is about to begin in 5 hours.
  11. Tea? Coffee? Anybody?
  12. %-&

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