Unusual pantyhose. What would you wear them with?

Unusual pantyhose and bicycleI think I have seen such pantyhose in Wolford‘s production line. Don’t remember the name, though. Wolford is well-known for weird but extremely high quality pantyhose.

But here’s a question. What (and where) would you wear them with?

At home with a bodysuit or a leotard? Yes. Absolutely.
With an ultra mini-skirt or shorts to a disco or a party? Probably.
With anything or nothing during fashion shows or photo sessions? Sure, but that means “fashion-for-fashion” or photographers.

Any other ideas?

The design pantyhose cost lots of money, not every “fashionista” can afford them. It should be someone with a good income.

A businesswoman? Money-wise – yes, but not to the office. Such tights do not conform to the high-level office style.

A businessman for her SO? Sure. But the same question raises again. See above 😉

2 thoughts on “Unusual pantyhose. What would you wear them with?”

  1. “..and that’s when I crashed my car officer!”

    If ever there was a threat to road safety it would be ladies on bikes, dressed like her!

    As you suggest Ra, it’s just not wearable in 99% of every day life.


  2. a mini and heels would look great now what would you wear with these just got them


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