$#$%^&  happens…

Probably more often than we would like it (“like” is not a good word here) to happen.

Update 19 Jul, 2009 @ 19:48

It’s nice to find the site suspended when you’ve just come back from a busy vacation… Instead of taking simple troubleshooting steps, the providers decided (again) to simply suspend the account. Next time I will have to find another provider (again). The reason is: overusing the system resources. The actual reason is unknown. Denial of service? Possibly. Can be easily detected by the provider. They even have a specific paragraph in their services list.

OK, anyway, the site has almost disappeared from Google (again) and lost “reputation points”. I’ve become a “phobia” person. I’m afraid of losing stuff. Losing time, energy, money, information, privacy, health, etc… I make backups at least twice a day, I check processes every 5 minutes. Unfortunately you can’t backup/clone everything. But unfortunately you can backup/clone problems.

Jeez.. I love that… Not …

June 5, 2009 @ 18:06

FTC closed 3FN hosting facility along with thousands normal, legal or so called “white” web-sites. I lost two such projects. Some people hundreds. I was making backups (must confess, not often enough, as you can see), some people were not. Of course, no access to the data, no money back, nothing… 3FN was, actually, a good hoster, however, way too “abuse-ignoring” and, probably, too greedy.  On the other hand, the amount of SPAM (mostly generated by 3FN bot/spamnet) decreased (not for long, though).

As a result, I have done what I should have done months ago – migrated to another provider (with unlimited traffic). And thinking about the daily backup policy. Probably mirrored.

OK, this is what’s left to be done:

  • recover the forum
  • tweak the forum’s theme
  • upload the missing pictures to the Blog
  • upload what’s left from the pictures to the Forum
  • check all links, bits and pieces again and again

Should you notice anything wrong, please let me know in this thread. Also, if you can, please re-enter your comments/posts and reupload pictures.

And please accept my excuses, apologies and “sorries”. I know it’s utterly frustrating to redo/rewrite/recompose/recreate what you have done and let go.  I hope I’ve become smarter and more experienced now.

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