Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 57. Anticipations vs Expectations

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Anticipation and expectation are synonyms, but what a huge difference in the “results”! Anticipation can “increase the pleasure. Moreover, you are getting pleasure in advance by anticipating something. But expectations can ruin everything. Expectations can even be used as punishment:”You did not meet my expectations“. One of the biggest “managerial bullshit sayings”… Disgusting…

You can anticipate something, and not expect anything at the same time. Having anticipation puts a smile on our faces, not having expectations protects us from disappointments.

I stumbled upon a huge futanari collection on a torrent site. During a couple of conference calls I was browsing through the pictures and was thinking about a short selfbondage session in the bathroom. Did I expect anything from the session? Oh, c’mon… With my family around? Of course not. But I did anticipate it. I imagined two dildos penetrating me, I imagined bike shorts squeezing my elbows and pushing a plug deeper into my throat… Yeah, it was cool! Nothing special. No fireworks. Just a plain routine. But anticipation of the plugs slowly making their ways inside… And tightness of swimsuits and pantyhose…

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