“I’m bagging, bagging you…” Part I. Stacey Rookhuizen

Stacey Rookhuizen (a Dutch style icon) appeared on The Best Dressed Awards ceremony in a plastic bag as a “water- and humourproof” dress.

That does not surprise me, because using trashbags as clothes is quite obvious (especially for those who’s got latex allergy or does not want to pay for expensive latex dresses). What does surprise me is her bare legs. No stockings or pantyhose! Oh, c’mon! So unstylish, annoying and flat-looking…

Stacey Rookhuizen draagt vuilniszak

One thought on ““I’m bagging, bagging you…” Part I. Stacey Rookhuizen”

  1. A Plastic bag? you have got to be kidding me. But no pantyhose ? Now that is just plain sick. Talk about cheap. And you thought we Americans were cheap.

    I guess the main question would be is… Clean or unwashed undies…. maybe none at all? Thank about it, No undies = no washing, no drying or buying. Maybe she is using a recycled Diaper ? One can only wonder.

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