The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 7-14

Chapter 7: Restlessness
Chapter 8: More fun
Chapter 9: Discovered
Chapter 10: Jennifer
Chapter 11: Jennifer’s fun
Chapter 12: Jennifer’s wish
Chapter 13: The teasing
Chapter 14: Jennifer’s release

Chapter 7: Restlessness

Work kept me very busy for the next several months, and I did not get much chance to play with my bondage toys, with the exception of playing with the handcuffs that I always keep in the night stand next to my bed.

Occasionally, I would lock my hands in front of me, place a piece of tape over my lips and then lock on a set of ankle cuffs connected by a steel chain, and then do some housework in the nude and high heels. I always say, if you are a slave to house work, you might as well look the part.

However, one Friday morning I woke up very much in the mood to put myself in some restrictive self-bondage, so that afternoon, after I got home from work, I decided to have some fun.

Before I left for work that morning, I froze a key, that would unlock my wrist cuffs, in an ice cube and laid out the clothes that I wanted to wear and the bondage toys that were going to be used. The day passed very slowly and I had a hard time keeping my mind on my work. My mind kept wondering to the evening’s events. When I got home that afternoon, the key was ready to go and so was I.

Chapter 8: More fun

I locked the doors and stripped down to the nude leaving my clothes right where I took them off. My nipples were hard with anticipation. I then poured myself a tall glass of wine and quickly headed to my bedroom, after first ensuring all the doors and windows were once again locked.

I sat down on the bed and drank my wine while I picked up and caressed all the bondage items and clothes that I had laid out, the wrist cuffs, the ball gag, the white soft nylon rope, and of course the boots. I could hardly wait, but I knew that the longer I made it last, the better the results would be. I took my time while dressing.

First, I put on a beautiful black leather corset and slowly adjusted and pulled the laces tight to obtain a beautiful hourglass figure. The corset started from just below my breasts to my hips. It was heavily boned and it pushed my tits up and out making my breasts hard and causing my nipples to further harden. I slowly caressed each nipple as I sipped from my wine.

I next carefully pulled on a pair of black silk stockings, the kind with the black seam up the back. The stockings were kept up by the eight garters attached to the corset. I was very fussy and had to ensure that the seams were straight. After the stockings came a black leather G-string panty that showed more than it covered.

I slowly sipped the wine as I modeled for myself in the full length mirror across the bedroom. The hourglass shape was stunning and I really enjoyed the feel of the tight caressing around my midsection. I had often worn this outfit to work just wondering what my co-workers would think if they knew what I had on underneath my work clothes. On the days that I dressed for pleasure, I would always get comments asking me if I had lost weight, or had been working out. I just smiled.

Next came thigh-high black leather boots with six inch heels. I have always loved boots. They feel so permanent. They can not be removed without the use of your hands so therefore they are almost a bondage by themselves. The height of the heels served to effectively hobble my steps. I slowly pulled the boots up each leg and zipped up the zipper on the inside of my thighs. The boots came all the way up to just below my crotch. My legs were now encased in beautiful black leather. To prevent me from removing the boots, I locked the boot’s zipper to a very small hasp hook at the top of the boot. The key to the lock was in my mailbox in the front yard. I always liked my bondage spicy.

To top off my bondage outfit, I slipped my hands into a pair of shoulder length black kidskin gloves. The gloves serve to heighten the feeling of restraint since it’s harder to find the key hole with gloved fingers. They also serve to protect my wrists from chaffing and make the kinky outfit complete. I like looking like the Irving Klaw models of the past. They always seem to be wearing corsets, gloves, and high heels or boots. Being a bondage model would be great if I could find the right person.

I felt very sexy and I knew that I would not be going outside for a walk, dressed like this. As I finished up my wine, I called Jennifer and asked her to come over that evening so that we could go out together. (Friday was our normal night on the town.) We talked for a while, and all the time I sat there slowly caressing myself with my gloved hands. If Jennifer only knew what was planned for the evening, or what I was currently wearing while I was talking to her. Jennifer said that she would be over around eight o’clock that evening. That gave me about three hours of bondage fun. After I had hung up, I was all set to begin.

I slowly walked to the kitchen and removed the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, from the freezer. Walking was very difficult in the high heeled boots. I guess that is why I love to lock them on once in a while.

I returned to the bedroom and hooked the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, up to a string hanging from the ceiling in the middle of my bedroom. When it melts, the key would fall to the floor and I would have to struggle over to the key and free myself. I also set up an additional safety in case I needed to get free in an emergency. I had tied a long rope to bucket and placed this bucket on top of my closet shelf. The rope was long enough to rest on the floor of my closet among all my shoes and boots. I attached a set of keys to the rope about a foot from the bucket. If I needed to get free fast, I could pull on the rope and the bucket would fall to the floor and I could get to the keys. However, to prevent me from using this as an easy way out, the bucket was filled with old motor oil that I had saved from my last tune-up. The mechanic wondered why I needed the oil. If he only knew. I made sure that the closet door was open and I was now ready to begin the tying part of my adventure.

I sat down on the bed and picked up a long piece of quarter inch nylon rope and proceeded to tie and cinch my booted feet together very tightly at the ankles. I then stood up and locked a three-inch wide leather belt around my waist. This belt had a two-inch strap that was attached in back to the waist strap and went through my legs and again locked in front. This key was also in the mailbox. This leather ensemble, better known as a chastity belt, is one of my favorite toys, as it would deny access to my most vital parts. Because I was wearing panties, I did not use the vibrator or butt plug, so therefore today’s bondage would only deal with restriction, restraint, and nipple discipline.

I now locked a set of wrist cuffs to a D-ring which was also attached to the leather belt in back. When my hands were locked in, I would be unable to move them away from my body. I now tied my legs together above and below the knees, thus making my booted legs useless. To make things even more difficult, I got up on the bed and sat back on my ankles (this was hard to do with the thigh-high boots on, they were not very flexible) and strapped my ankles to my thighs with a large leather strap. With my hands locked behind me, I would be effectively hogtied, a position that I love very much.

I picked up the red ball gag and wedged the sphere between my lips. I pulled the straps behind my head and buckled them tightly, pulling the ball deep into my mouth. Without help, the gag was not coming off. To force my head up, and to make the bondage all that more restrictive, I picked up a three-inch leather collar and buckled it around my neck.

The ball gag had a special feature that I used this evening. I had placed a small silver chain through the ball using the same hole that the leather strap went through. Attached to both ends of the chain was a set of nipple clamps. I carefully attached a clamp to each nipple. The length of the chain was such that I had to keep my head bowed to prevent putting too much tension on the nipple clamps and thus my already sensitive nipples. These nipple clamps were the kind that press harder, the harder they are pulled. They were not coming off. One last item and I was ready for that moment of truth.

I picked up a long latex sheet which I had folded it into a four inch wide band, to use as a blindfold. I tied this tightly about my head covering my eyes. I used latex because I love the smell of leather and latex together and the latex blindfold would not slip off no matter how I struggled. I also found that being blindfolded made the time go slower and it also allows me to fantasize easier. Your mind starts to play funny tricks when your sight is cut off and freedom of movement is restricted.

I now carefully laid on my side, since lying on my stomach would be hard with the nipple clips on, and placed my hands behind me and locked on the wrist cuffs. To add that much more adventure to the evenings fun I also locked on a set of thumbcuffs, thus furthering my bondage. The thumbcuffs would have to come off first before I could use the key to unlock the wrist cuffs. I had recently started to add the thumbcuffs along with the wrist cuffs to make the bondage that much more restrictive. I had practiced many times using just my fingers to unlock the thumbcuffs. The key to the thumbcuffs was setting on my dining room table. I had attached a string to the key and let the string hand over the edge. I would have to somehow struggle into the dinning room, find the string, pull the key off the table and then unlock the thumbcuffs. The journey would be slow to say the least, what with the hogtie position, blindfold, and the nipple clamps that were keeping my head bowed. Once the thumbcuffs were unlocked, I would still have to wait for the key to my wrist cuffs to fall to the floor to complete my escape from my bondage.

I was now a prisoner of my own bondage. I knew that I had about two hours before the ice would melt, so I just laid back and relaxed, because I was not going anywhere.

The only problem that I could see with this bondage adventure would be that I would have to listen carefully for the key to hit the floor. If I had not put a small plate on the carpet under the key, there would have been no way to find the exact spot where the key would fall.

Since I used a very restrictive bondage tie up and would only be able to move inches at a time, and coupled with the fact that my fingers were encased in leather gloves, the search would have been almost impossible. But with the plate on the floor, the key can only bounce so far and I know were to start looking.

I laid there for a few moments getting use to my bondage before I decided to make that long trip into the dining room. The ball gag made speech impossible and since my bedroom was in the back of the house anyway, no one would be able to hear any sound that I could make. Trying to lift my head only caused more tension to my nipples. This would be an excellent way to tie a slave. Having her head bowed and attached to her nipples would make her appreciate her submission. It’s doing an excellent job on me. Too bad I am submissive to my own self-bondage and not a beautiful mistress.

The latex blindfold did a excellent job of cutting off all sight. To me the blindfold triples the feeling of helplessness in bondage. If you do not think this is so, try a little experiment. Place the key to your favorite handcuffs on the floor across the room. Now tie your ankles together so that walking is very difficult (cross your ankles before you tie them, this makes standing up hard to do). Now handcuff your wrists behind your back. Getting to the key on the floor takes some work and you will probably will scoot along on your butt or side. It’s fairly easy to see your objective, but try the same situation again only this time add a tight blindfold so that all reference to room position is lost and then try it again. The results will be vastly different.

My bondage was very secure. My gloved wrists were held tightly to my waist, and my booted legs were quite useless. I could not move around very much. Even trying to turn over on my stomach was very difficult to do because of the hogtie position and the nipple clips. The leather strap that held my ankles to my thighs brought my heels very close to my rear end and I could feel the spiked heels with my fingers. I could only picture what I looked liked.

I began to fantasize that I had been kidnapped by a white slave ring and that I had been sold to a rich countess in a far off land. This countess like her girls in leather and boots and demands that they be tightly restrained. I feel the hands of the countess as she inspected the bonds that held me tightly. I was very sexually excited but could not touch myself in any way. I could only pull on the nipple clamps, increasing the tension on my nipples.

I had not been tied up too long when I thought I heard the front doorbell ring. Then, it rang again. It really surprised me. I was not expecting anyone this early in the afternoon, that I could remember. Then there was someone knocking on the door. I heard the person say “Terri! Are you in there?” It was Jennifer!

Chapter 9: Discovered

I had not realized that she was going to come over this early. I could not understand why she was here now, but she was. Jennifer did have a key to the house. I was out of luck. I heard her opening the door and walking in. I knew that she would come into the bedroom and find me on the bed all bound and gagged. There was no way out now. My secret would be known. I almost died with humiliation. I tried to struggle against my bondage, for what reason, I am not sure.

When Jennifer entered the bedroom, she must have been taken by surprise because she just stopped at the door and said, “Terri, what are you doing?”

She rushed over to the bed and took off the blindfold and tried to take the wrist cuffs off, but found that they were locked on good and tight.

“Boy, someone sure did not want you to get away did they? Where is the key?” Jennifer had forgotten that I was still gagged. She then unbuckled the strap that held the ball gag in place, and removed the gag but not the nipple clamps, she did not realize that they were attached to my nipples . I told her that the key was hanging in the middle of the room. She stared at me for a moment but then smiled and looked and me and asked me if I had done this to myself. I told her yes and then she asked me why.

I was caught, what could I do, so I explained that I have been practicing bondage for sometime and I had not found someone that I could really trust to tie me up, so I invented ways to tie myself up and still get out without anyone’s help. I told her that this was called self-bondage.

Then she asked me what happens if I can not free myself from my self-imposed restraint. I explained that I used her as a safety person. Before I placed myself in some restrictive bondage, I would always call her and tell her to come over later that day or evening. Since she had her own key, she always knew to come on inside and wait for me if I was not home. This way, if something was wrong with my bondage, Jennifer would eventually come along and free me. I also told her about the bucket method in the closet.

Jennifer just smiled and got up from the bed and walked over to the piece of ice that held the key to my wrist cuffs and untied it from the string. She then walked into the bathroom and melted the ice cube to retrieve the key. When she came back, she held the key up in front of my face and told me, “I guess that I am that someone now, besides you don’t have any choice.” She was right. I was still bound very securely and Jennifer did have the key. Then Jennifer surprised me by asking me if I would like to spend the rest of the weekend with her tying each other up. She said that she had always been curious about what bondage was like, but she never really had the chance to try it, now she had that chance. I quickly agreed, besides, what choice did I have?

Jennifer told me that she had to go home and get some different clothes so that she could stay here for the whole weekend. She also said that we could start tying each other up now and that she would finish retying me on the bed, then go home and get her stuff. That sounded good to me.

I told Jennifer that I kept the rest of my bondage equipment in a suitcase under the bed. Jennifer pulled the suitcase out and dumped the contents in the middle of the room. She was surprised at all the bondage stuff that I had.

Jennifer sat down on the floor and examined each piece of equipment. I tried to explain to her the purpose for each piece. I did the best that I could, tied up the way I was. She tried a few of the pieces on herself such as one of my ball gags, a leather collar, and some ankle cuffs. She then picked out two elbow cuffs, and a connecting leather strap.

Jennifer got up from the floor and sat down next to me on the bed. She was admiring my outfit. She liked my corset and loved my boots. She had always wanted a pair of thigh-high ones but settled for the knee highs instead due to the cost. Jennifer and I can wear the same clothes so it would be fun to help her learn about dressing for pleasure.

Jennifer then rolled me back on my stomach and proceeded to attach a leather cuff to each arm, above each elbow. She then connected them together was a small leather strap thus forcing my elbows close together. This was something that I am unable to accomplish by myself. I do have ways to tie my elbows tightly together, but if I do, I would not be able to get out without help.

Before Jennifer got up to leave, she regagged me with the ball gag, pulling it tighter that I had before. This is when she noticed the nipple clips. She just shook her head and caressed each nipple slowly around the clamp. I was in heaven. She then retied the rubber sheet around eyes thus cutting off all sight. She got up from the bed, patted me on the rear, gave me a kiss on the head and said, “Be back in awhile dear, just relax. Oh by the way” she said. “I have the key to your cuffs, if you need to get free you can always use the bucket”. I then heard her walk out of the room and lock the door. I was now all alone. I had finally had my wildest dream come true. I had been bound and gagged be a beautiful women who was in complete control over me and who wanted to share some “bondage” with me. I was in heaven. My thoughts switched now to the many possibilities that would arise this weekend.

Chapter 10: Jennifer

It seemed like a long time lying there all bound and gagged. My mind was racing with the endless possibilities that could occur this evening. I was very excited, but the bondage prevented me from bring myself over the edge. My only hope was that Jennifer would be so kind.

I finally heard the door being unlocked. I next heard someone walking over to the bed. When my blindfold was removed, I looked up to see Jennifer standing there wearing tight black leather pants, black leather knee high boots, a black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up firm and high, and short black leather gloves. She was holding a thin white cigarette in one hand and a black and riding crop. (Jennifer rides horses for hobby.) The outfit matched her long black hair and blue eyes. She was very beautiful, sexy, and very domineering to say the least.

Jennifer and I had become friends by attending the local spa together. Jennifer worked as a model and art director a local fashion store in town. She had quite the body, to say the least. Jennifer was 5’8″ with a perfect shape that would turn all the men’s heads and make the wives very jealous. She had long black hair to match her long legs. Her measurements were 37″-24″-36″ and she was very athletic. She loved to ride horses and she looked fantastic in equestrian gear, riding boots, and gloves. Jennifer loved to show off her body (the model in her!). She would always wear the most revealing clothes, including leather skirts, stocking vice pantyhose, and she loved to wear gloves. It was always easy to buy gifts for Jennifer because she liked the same type of clothes that I did. The only difference was she wears her clothes out in public, and I wear mine in the bedroom for my own pleasure. In addition to the clothes, she always wore some sort of high heels or boots unless she was barefoot or working out. High heels seemed to accent the length of her long and shapely legs

Jennifer and I have been very close for sometime. We spent a lot of time together and share many secrets including our sex lives and different fantasies. We have even had a few lesbian encounters from time to time but just for fun and excitement and nothing long term. We both valued the friendship of each other including the touch of each other’s hands. However, we both considered ourselves heterosexual and dated when the opportunity arose.

The subject of bondage would come up a few times in passing, but I was never able to tell how Jennifer would take an outright discussion on the subject. Her finding me tonight was really a dream come true. Jennifer was more domineering that I was, so she tended to be the one that would lead the discussions or make the big decision for the both of us. That suited me just fine. It was not everyday that a girl could find such a beautiful mistress.

After the blindfold was removed, Jennifer released the strap that secured my elbows. She then removed the ball gag, nipple clips, leather collar, and unfastened the strap that held my ankles to my thighs. When she was finished, my hands were still locked to the chastity belt behind me, my thumbs still locked in the thumbcuffs, and I was still bound at the ankles, above and below the knees. She asked me where I kept the key to the lock that attached my wrist cuffs to the chastity belt. I said it was in the equipment bag. Jennifer got the key and released the wrist cuffs from the belt but not my wrists.

She then took the key to cuffs and placed them on the floor across the room. She told me that if I wanted to get free, I would have to crawl across the room, get the key, and bring it to her so that she could release me and that I had to bring the key to her in my lips.

I had no choice. I did as I was told. Jennifer just sat back in the chair, smoked her cigarette, and paged through one of my bondage magazines, laughing at me the whole time. I had to first slowly make my way out to the dinning room to get the key that would unlock my thumbcuffs. Crawling was not easy with the bondage and the thigh-high boots that I was wearing.

Once my thumbs were unlocked, I slowly made my way across the floor and picked up the key to my wrist cuffs with my lips and gave it to Jennifer. I placed the key in Jennifer’s gloved hand and as I did this she held my chin firmly between her gloved fingers and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. The smell of the fine leather, Jennifer’s perfume, and the heat of her kiss was almost to much for me I melted into Jennifer’s arms. Jennifer then rolled me over and unlocked the wrists cuffs. I released the rest of my bondage myself.

The rest of the weekend, we took turns tying each other up in different bondage positions using the variety of bondage equipment that I owned. We agreed that each of us would spend two hours as bound prisoners of the other.

I showed Jennifer how the nipple clamps worked, what a leather discipline helmet felt like (I had two kinds, one with a built in gag and one without), and what chastity belts were for. She wanted to try on everything. She also tried on different articles of my latex collection and my assortment of leather clothes, boots and shoes. She especially like the thigh-high boots, corsets and of course the elbow-length black leather gloves.

Saturday afternoon, I finally got around to showing Jennifer all my techniques that I use for self-bondage. It was funny watching her trying to tie herself up. She had no problems with the feet or the gag, but when it came to the wrists cuffs and the locks, it took more practice. We decided that Sunday afternoon we would try a detailed self-bondage adventure together and that way we could both be tied up together like some of the photos that were in my bondage magazines.

Chapter 11: Jennifer’s fun

We got a lot of the bondage positions used that weekend from the large collection of bondage magazines and bondage videos tapes that I have gathered over the years. Jennifer was amazed that they even made VHS movies dealing exclusively with being tied up. We must have watched every one of them three times that weekend.

One position that Jennifer wanted to try Saturday night was where your hands are tied behind you and pulled up by a rope attached to a pulley. This causes you to bend over at the waist and leaves your rear end unprotected. I had not put Jennifer in any real stringent bondage as of yet, so now was the chance to give her what she wanted, or so she thought.

Jennifer saw the position in many of the magazines we read. She liked the way the body was put under strain and how helpless the bindee was. In that position, there was access to all the sexual body parts. It was going to be fun introducing Jennifer to the finer art of restraint. We could hardly wait until the evening.

Chapter 12: Jennifer’s wish

After supper, which by the way, had to be fed to me by Jennifer since I was tightly bound and blindfolded to the Captain’s chair, it was time for Jennifer to get her wish and my sweet revenge. She choose to wear only a pair of black latex stockings, garter belt, kid leather gloves, and black patent leather opera pumps with six inch spiked heels.

I helped Jennifer dress in her latex outfit. After she was nude, I rubbed powder on her legs to make the latex stockings slip on easier. I then attached the stockings to her garter belt. I then slipped the pumps on her feet and helped her to pull on the long leather gloves.

Jennifer looked very beautiful in this outfit. She found, though, that walking in the high heels was very difficult even for her. With each step, her breasts would jiggle up and down. It was very funny and exciting to watch her.

Jennifer paraded herself in front of my full length mirror, admiring the way the latex hugged her thighs. She had to smoke one more cigarette before her ordeal was to begin. The contrast was sharp between her black gloved fingers and the long white cigarette.

When she finished the cigarette, I had Jennifer turn around and place her gloved hands behind her, palm to palm. I then selected a ten foot piece of small nylon rope and wound about half the cord loosely around her wrists and then knotted it, leaving two, two foot ends. I then wound the rope ends around the coils holding her wrists. After passing the ends of the rope between her wrists and arms, I pulled them tight, thus cinching her hands together very tightly. I then tied her arms very close together above the elbows, again cinching them tightly. Having her elbows touch caused her tits to stand out straight and made her nipples hard. I couldn’t resist the urge to “tweek” them with my fingers. Jennifer just closed her eyes and slowly licked her lips. Jennifer was now my bound slave. Her hands and arms were useless to her. I now had her parade around the room for me. This showed her how helpless she was. The six inch pumps would prevent her from moving very fast.

I picked up the red ball gag and had Jennifer kneel with her back to me. I placed the ball to her red lips and she accepted it without question. I buckled the straps tightly behind her head, taking care to move her hair out of the way. The ball gag filled her mouth completely. To test the effectiveness of the gag, I produced a feather and started to tickle my bound and helpless friend. The gag worked perfectly. All I could hear were moans coming from her gagged lips.

To keep Jennifer from removing her high heels, I took two small chains and locks and proceeded to lock the shoes on her feet by wrapping the small chain around her heels, crossing the chain in front of her foot and then locking it under the soles. Without the key, the high heels would not come off. The height of the heels served as nice bondage all by themselves, but I wasn’t through with Jennifer yet.

I took Jennifer to the middle of the room and had her stand under the pulley that was attached to the ceiling. I took the rope that was threaded through the pulley and tied it around Jennifer’s wrists. The other end of the rope was attached to a small winch across the room. Before I pulled her wrists up behind her, I bound her legs by attaching each ankle to the end of a three foot spreader bar, thus spreading her legs wide apart. It was very challenging to say the least for her to stand with her legs held apart and her feet in such high heels. Now Jennifer knows the reason why I locked the heels on her feet. Her attempts to kick her shoe off were to no avail. She was a prisoner by her own choice of shoes. I then attached a snap hook to a ring in the center of her ankle spreader bar and locked this to another hook in the floor. Jennifer could not move from where she was standing.

I walked over to the winch and started to turn it slowly. Jennifer’s wrists and arms were slowly being pulled up behind her. As her wrists moved up, her head was forced down. When her wrists were high over her head, I turned the winch one more click for good measure. I then locked the winch to prevent it from slipping. Jennifer looked just the picture in one of the bondage magazines. She looked very beautiful all tied up the way she was. I asked her if she was all right and Jennifer shook her head yes. Jennifer tested her bonds and found that escape was out of the question. As was our agreement for this weekend, she would remain my prisoner for two hours.

I walked back over to Jennifer and checked her bonds, making sure that all the loose ends were neatly tucked away and out of the reach of probing fingers. As I walked behind her, I gave her a sharp slap on the ass and watched the reaction. It had caught her by surprise, but what could she do? Tied the way that she was, any movement by her made her breasts jiggle. Jennifer blushed every time this happened. Jennifer just moaned into her gag and struggled harder.

Chapter 13: The teasing

For the first hour, I teased Jennifer by using a feather on her breasts and nipples, inner thighs, the crack of her ass and on her stomach. I even used my tongue once in a while. She was very ticklish and all her attempts to get away were useless. I could also see that she was getting very excited by all this and I kept telling her that the second hour would be better. I also told her that I was going to pay her back for making me crawl the day before, when she first found me all tied up.

After the feather came the vibrator. I slowly caressed every inch of her bound body with the vibrating plastic. No parts were left untouched. I even inserted the vibrator deep into her wet pussy, but for just a few seconds. I wanted to keep Jennifer from having that badly needed orgasm to relieve herself.

I kept up this teasing for about forty-five minutes and then decided that Jennifer had had enough. She was out of breath and was sweating from all the excitement. She was also drooling down her chin around the ball gag. I took her panties that were lying on the bed and wiped off her face and chin. I then pulled the panties through he wet crotch and then proceeded to pull the panties over her head, thus limiting her sight and ensuring that she would have to smell her own juices. I also allowed her a few minutes to catch her breath.

While she rested, I set out the rest of the bondage equipment that I was going to use on her. The equipment included a black leather discipline hood that had a locking two inch collar, two nipple clamps with a spring and weight attached to each, a leather chastity belt with a built in vibrator, small butt plug, two small balls of cotton, some adhesive tape, and a five foot piece of rope. I removed the panties from Jennifer’s head and when Jennifer looked at all the additional equipment, she knew what was coming. She just hung her head down in defeat.

I started first with the cotton balls. I placed one in each of Jennifer’s ears and held them in place with a strip of adhesive tape. This served to isolate her from any sounds in the room. I next picked up the discipline hood and placed it on her head. The only opening that this particular hood had was three small holes around the nose so that she could breath normally. The hood zipped down the back of her head and the whole helmet was locked in place by a two-inch collar that went around her neck. (Remember, she was still gagged with the ball gag.)

To make her movements more restricted, I attached the five foot piece of rope to the D-ring attached on top of the leather hood. I then connected the other end of the rope to her wrists and pulled the slack out. This arrangement forced her to lift her head back and hold it there.

Next came the chastity belt and vibrator. This vibrator was very special. I use it all the time on myself during my self-bondage adventures. The vibrator has a built in timer that turns the motor on and off at random times. It only stays on for a maximum of ten seconds and then shuts off for a period of up to one minute. You never know when the motor will start or stop. It can drive a girl wild with frustration.

If you remember, Jennifer was in a very excited state from all the tickling and caressing. This vibrator would keep here near the orgasm point without allowing her to go over the edge. When I use the vibrator and belt on myself, I stay close to orgasm for over two hours until I could get free and relieve myself.

I strapped the waist strap around her waist and buckled it in back. I then put on a latex glove, and spread K-Y gel on my index finger. Jennifer just about went through the roof as I slowly inserted my finger into her tight ass, thus lubricating it and making it ready for the butt plug. Once the plug was inserted, I then brought the crotch strap through her legs, turned on the vibrator and carefully inserted it into Jennifer’s already wet pussy. I then locked this strap tightly to the waist belt in back. Without the key, the chastity belt would not come off and the vibrator keeps running.

I stepped back for a few minutes and watched the reactions of my bound friend. I could see that the vibrator was doing its job. Jennifer was softly moaning to herself when the vibrator was on but then she whined in frustration when it turned off. I could tell that she was staying excited by the hardness of her nipples. This was going to be a fun hour. I almost felt sorry for her (not really).

One last piece of stimulation. I carefully attached the nipple clamps to each of her nipples. These clamps were special. They were vibrating nipple clamps. They also had a spring and weight attached to each and with each movement of Jennifer’s body, the sensation to her breasts was compounded. With the vibrator going, and the butt plug deeply lodged in Jennifer’s ass, Jennifer’s body was constantly in motion and therefore so were the weights attached to her nipples. As I switched on the nipple clamps, the results on Jennifer were immediate. You could see that she was trying to stand still to prevent the weights from swinging but as the nipple clamps continued to vibrate and as the vibrator in pussy turned on and off…it was quite a sight.

To further complete her bondage, I took a roll of black electrician’s tape and taped her fingers tightly together. Even if she could reach the knots, her fingers were now useless.

Jennifer’s wish was now complete. She wanted to be totally bound, gagged, and teased for a two hour period. And that she was. She could neither hear, speak, or see, and she was under going a very frustrating time not being able to have the sexual release that she wanted and needed so badly.

Chapter 14: Jennifer’s release

For the next hour, I just sat back and watch Jennifer “have fun.” Now and then, I checked her hands and legs for any signs of circulation being cut off. There were none. I did not touch her or say anything to her for that hour. She was all alone with the vibrators, both in her pussy and attached to her nipples, and her bondage. Soft moans could be heard coming from under the leather hood. Those moans would always turn to whines as the vibrator, locked in her pussy, would shut off until the next cycle. The vibrating nipple clips were always on but not severe enough to cause an orgasm.

At the end of the hour, I untied the rope that was holding her head up and unlocked the leather hood and removed it. I pulled off the tape and took out the cotton balls from her ears. However, she remained gagged. I next untied her ankles from the spreader bar and attached a set of ankles cuffs to each ankle. I then connected the cuffs with a short chain, thus hobbling her.

I walked over to the winch and slowly let her arms down. I removed the rope holding her elbows, but before I untied her wrists, I attached a pair of handcuffs. I then removed the rope that bound her wrists together. Jennifer was standing in the middle of the room with her hands handcuffed behind her, gagged, feet hobbled, nipple clamps on each breast and a chastity belt locked between her legs. (It was interesting to note that Jennifer’s inner thighs were very wet and it wasn’t sweat)! I wanted to let Jennifer take the nipple clamps off herself, since that was always more difficult than putting them on.

I told Jennifer that I had the key to the chastity belt, but the keys to her wrist and ankle cuffs were on the kitchen table. I told her that she was to walk out to the kitchen and bring the keys back to the bedroom and unlock her bondage in here in front of me. If she didn’t the chastity belt would stay on, and so would the vibrators. Jennifer just rolled her and slowly nodded her understanding. She had no choice.

She slowly started walking towards the kitchen. With each small step in her high heels and hobbles, her breasts would shake and along with her tits, the spring and weights attached to her nipple clamps. Just a little reminder that they were still there and that she had better take her time.

After about five minutes, Jennifer made her way back into the bedroom still bound the way she left. She walked over to the bed and sat down and started to unlock her handcuffs. In the state of her excitement and the leather gloves, she was having some problems. I just smiled and continued to watch my bound friend. When her hands were free, she reached up and removed both nipple clamps. The jolt that it gave her as the blood rushed back into the nipples must have been enough to push her over the edge. Jennifer just closed her eyes and screamed into her ball gag. She was having one tremendous orgasm. Jennifer then fell back on the bed exhausted.

I walked over to my bound friend and unbuckled and removed her ball gag and then unlocked her ankle cuffs. I slowly rolled her over and unlocked the chastity belt and carefully removed both the vibrator and the butt plug. Needless to say the vibrator was soaking wet. Lastly, I unlocked her chains that locked her high heels to her feet. I slipped her heels off and slowly tickled Jennifer’s feet with my tongue. Jennifer was now free and fast asleep.

While Jennifer slept, I picked up the bedroom. After about a half-hour, Jennifer woke up and we talked about her bondage period. She said that it really didn’t hurt much and that the vibrator did a very good job of frustrating her. She really enjoyed the strict bondage and the sensation of the vibrating nipple clamps was new and fantastic. Jennifer just smiled and said that it was very lonely in the leather hood and that she couldn’t wait until she could lock me in to it. My turn was coming. Jennifer was learning fast!

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