The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 15-21

Chapter 15: Jennifer’s revenge
Chapter 16: Dual self-bondage
Chapter 17: The event
Chapter 18: The moment of truth
Chapter 19: Togetherness
Chapter 20: The journey
Chapter 21: The walk

Chapter 15: Jennifer’s revenge

Sunday morning found me tied up with about five hundred feet of rope. Earlier that morning, I had chosen to wear nothing but my thigh high black leather boots, black satin corset, and shoulder length kid gloves. Jennifer enjoyed helping me lace the corset tightly closed. She liked (and so did I) the hourglass shape that was present due to the corset.

Jennifer had started out my bondage by locking on the special chastity belt that I had used on her the night before. Then she started with my booted feet and wound yards and yards of soft cotton rope around my feet and legs, including my instep. With every five or six turns, Jennifer would cinch the rope tightly between my legs. She did this all the way up to my crotch. My legs were one solid piece of rope and were quite useless.

My wrists and arms came next. My wrists were tied palm to palm and cinched very tightly. Then more rope was wound around my arms up to and above my elbows (my elbows were actually touching).

Jennifer then took two smaller pieces of rope and tied them around my breasts. I had not realized that they were big enough to do that to, but Jennifer found out that they were. The rope made my breasts stand out very straight and my nipples very hard and sensitive.

She then took about one hundred foot of rope and begin to wind it around my body, pressing my bound arms very tightly against my back. I was helpless. To further add to my bondage, Jennifer took a roll of duct tape and completely taped my fingers and hands together. Jennifer sure learned fast! All that was left was a gag.

Before she gagged me, Jennifer produced a white rubber bathing cap and placed it on my head. She then stepped out of the panties that she was wearing and wadded them up into a ball and placed them in my mouth. The panties were damp and the taste was very familiar and exciting. Jennifer then took the roll of duct tape and proceeded to tape my mouth shut. She did not use just one piece of tape. She wound the tape all the way around my head twice. Then she used another piece that went under my chin and up over the top of my head. This was the reason for the bathing cap, to protect my hair. While she was wrapping the tape around the top of my head, she told me bite down on the panties. When she was through, it was impossible for me to talk or utter a sound let alone move my lips. I had never been so completely bound and gagged in my life. The only thing that was showing on my roped body was my ass and my bound breasts.

But Jennifer was not through yet. She then pulled a black stocking over my head to prevent me from rubbing the tape on the bed and possibly removing it (right!). She then placed me on the bed and attached a long rope to my feet and put the other end through a pulley that was over the bed. She then hoisted my legs up until only my shoulders and head were still touching the bed. I was semi-suspended by my feet.

One last little thing and Jennifer was finished. She attached a wooden clothespin to each nipple. They were already very sensitive due to the breast bondage, but this was almost too much. I only hoped that I could make it for two hours. I was starting to get very frustrated with the vibrator. It was doing a very good job of keeping me at the climax point without letting me go over the edge.

Jennifer just laid on the bed next to me and smoked a cigarette and read some bondage magazines. Occasionally she would get up and try on some different articles of my latex and leather clothing. She liked the feel of the latex and of course she had always liked the leather.

Needless to say it was a long two hours. I should mention that I spent the second hour of my bondage blindfolded. Jennifer tied a latex sheet over my eyes thus taking away another sense. Jennifer never touched me for the whole two hours except to check my hands and feet for lack of circulation. I wished she had, because I was a very frustrated (sexually) bound girl. However, I was luckier than Jennifer, somewhere in that last hour of bondage, the vibrator, clothespins, and the tight restraint (that I could not get free from) got the best of me. I must have came for five minutes. It was great!

At the end of the two hours, Jennifer released me from everything except the breast bondage, the clothespins on my nipples, the chastity belt and the gag. She let me remove all the rest of my bondage equipment myself, especially the clothespins from my nipples (remember they hurt more when they come off). We then had lunch and finished planning our afternoon self-bondage adventure. We were in store for quite an afternoon.

Chapter 16: Dual self-bondage

For this afternoon’s adventure, Jennifer and I decided to tie ourselves up out in a guest room that was attached to the back of my garage. I use the room all the time for my own self-bondage fun because I can tie myself up in whatever clothing I desire (i.e., nude, stockings and garter belts etc.) but when I have to get free by walking out to the garage or the front yard to my mailbox for the key, it adds more excitement to the adventure when I have to make that long walk dressed the way I started. You see, if we tied ourselves up in the house, it would be very simple to just put on a long skirt or blouse and go outside and retrieve the key. Wearing the clothes we tied ourselves up in (or nothing at all) out into the open adds another bit of excitement and uncertainty to the self-bondage affair.

The idea that we came up with was simple. We would tie ourselves up out in the guest room using our locking wrist cuffs and put the keys in different locations throughout the yard, garage and house. We would therefore have to leave the guest room if we wanted to get free. The interesting part to this whole adventure was the techniques that Jennifer and I used to keep us both in the guest room for a few hours prior to getting out.

Earlier that morning, we had frozen the ends of two, six foot pieces of string in separate ice trays. Attached to the other end of each string was a set of metal nipple clamps, the kind that clamp tighter when they are pulled. In addition to the nipple clamps, we also froze a key to mine and Jennifer’s wrist cuffs in a separate cube with it’s own string attached. About three o’clock that afternoon, the strings and keys were frozen and we were all set to begin.

The first thing that we did was to pre-stage the keys to the assortment of locks that we were going to use to tie ourselves up with. There were fifteen keys in all; one for each ball gag, one for each waist belt, three each for each set of wrist cuffs, one each for the locking ankle cuffs, and the key to the back door of the house. Also, there were two keys to the locks that Jennifer was going to use to lock her high heels on her feet. I was going to wear high heeled boots.

Jennifer took the key to the back door and placed it in my mailbox out in the front yard. The keys to our ball gags, ankle cuffs, and Jennifer’s shoe locks were placed on the bed in the house. I then took the one set of the keys to our wrist cuffs that were not frozen in an ice cube, and shuffled them in my hand and had Jennifer pick one out. This key was placed in the garage on the floor. Neither one of us knew which key was in there, so we would have to walk out there and find out who got their hands free first. The other key, that Jennifer didn’t pick, the ones to our waist belts and the other wrist cuff key were tied to a string from the ceiling out in the guest room. They would be out of reach when our hands were locked behind us.

The whole idea with the keys was that Jennifer and I would have to walk out to the garage bound and gagged, get the one key off the floor and see whose cuffs it would unlock. Once that person’s hands were free, then we would have to walk back into the guest room to get the other keys that were on the string hanging from the ceiling. They were easy to reach once your hands were free. Then we would have to wait until dark in order for us to make that long trip to the front yard to retrieve the house key. We would have to go together because we were going to lock our ankles to each other with a four foot chain. Once we were in the house, we would be able to take our gags off, release our ankle cuffs and be free. Simple, huh! So we thought.

We made sure that the garage side door was shut but not locked and that the key to the one set of wrist cuffs was in its place on the garage floor. We then set up our safety.

I took the last set of keys to our wrist cuffs and attached each one to a bucket of oil that was placed on the upper shelve in the closet. These buckets also had attached to them a long string that we laid on the floor until we were ready for the final task of tying ourselves up. More on this latter.

We went back into the house to get dressed for our adventure. We would dress in the house, then very quickly run out back to the guest room. We had moved the other set of keys that were already frozen in the ice cube along with the nipple clamps and strings, out to the freezer. We also transferred my TV and VCR out back so that we could watch some good bondage movies to help pass the time.

Back in the house, Jennifer chose to wear a black leather mini skirt with back high heeled opera pumps that had five inch heels. Underneath the mini skirt, she wore a white silk garter belt topped off with black nylon stockings. There was a beautiful contrast between the stockings and Jennifer’s tanned thighs. The mini skirt didn’t cover the top of her stockings and I could see where the garters were attached. Jennifer did not wear a blouse, so she was nude from the waist up.

I chose to wear my black boned corset that required Jennifer’s help to lace up. Attached to the corset, were six garters to which I attached a pair of black stockings. When the corset was tightly laced, it gave me an hourglass shape and its feeling of restraint felt wonderful. The corset pushed my breasts up, making them firm and hard. To top off my outfit, I wore a pair of knee-high black leather boots with five-inch spiked heels.

Under my corset, and under Jennifer’s leather mini skirt we both wore a pair of black high-waisted latex panties with built in butt plug and dildo. When the panties were pulled up tight, there was a sense of full around. Both Jennifer and I also wore elbow length black leather gloves. We looked like two bondage beauties, out of a John Willie bondage magazine which, by the way, is where we got the idea from. It was my idea to add the latex panties with butt plugs and dildos.

After we were dressed, we checked to make sure that the keys were in their place on the bed, the front door was locked and all of the lights turned out. We then checked the backyard very carefully for any signs of my next door neighbors. Luckily, they were in the house and we could proceed to the guest room without too much trouble. Trying to run in spiked heels and boots was not easy to say the least especially with a rear and pussy full of rubber!. As I left the house, I locked the door as I shut it. Even if we did not tie ourselves up, we would still have to wait until dark to get back in the house. We could not just walk around to the front yard dressed the way we were. When we got to the guest room, we locked the door and pulled the shades. We did not want someone looking in and taking advantage of two helplessly bound and gagged females. (The thought was very stimulating, though.)

Chapter 17: The event

The first thing that Jennifer did when she got to the room was to lock her high heel pumps on her feet with the small chains and two of the small locks that we had pre-staged earlier that day. Remember, the keys to these locks were lying on the bed in the house. We then proceeded to set up the TV and VCR. We put on one of my videotapes that I had prepared by copying three of my favorite bondage movies. It gave Jennifer and I about four hours of bondage entertainment to keep us from getting bored.

We then marked the spots on the floor where we were going to be tied up and put two hooks in the ceiling about twelve inches apart. I also had put three other hooks in the ceiling that I had used for past bondage adventures. One was directly in the ceiling over my head, another was in the ceiling about five feet away, and the last was hanging over the bed.

I then placed the keys to our waist belts and the unknown wrist cuff key on the hook hanging from the ceiling above the bed. When our hands were locked behind us, these keys would be out of reach. This setup forces us to walk out to the garage to get the key which is on the floor. The only problem was we did not know whose cuffs the key would unlock. We had a fifty/fifty chance. When one of our hands were free, we could come back into the guest room and reach up to get the other key and remove, some but not all, of the bondage.

I now took the second set of keys to our wrist cuffs that were attached to a string, frozen in an ice cube, and tied the free end of the string to the hook that was going to be over my head. I then attached the ice cube to the other hook that was five feet away. It was attached in such a way that when the ice melted, the keys would swing down to where I could reach them and get free.

This procedure was what we were going to use as a first back up escape method. Remember, I usually call Jennifer and ask her to come over later that day and use her as a safety monitor. However, since she will be just as tied up as I will be, that method will not work, so therefore I will use the string and ice as a backup method. The size of the ice cube was such that it would melt in about four or five hours. We used this length of time to ensure that the other ice cubes for our nipple clamps would melt first, forcing us to go out to the garage to get free vice spending another two or three hours in such stringent bondage, with nipple clamps still on our nipples. We either go to the garage and take our chances outside, or stay in the room and wait for the ice cube to melt, still in tight bondage.

We then set up our second safety by attaching the strings that were tied to the buckets of oil to the hooks above out heads. The strings were looped in such a way that we could both grab the string with our bound hands. However, if we had to use that method to get free, the mess from the oil would take hours to clean up.

The next thing that we did was to thread the strings that had the nipple clamps attached to one end and an ice cube to the other through one of the hooks in the ceiling, one string per hook. The hooks were small enough so that the ice cube would have to melt almost completely away before it would allow the string to pass through.

This was the technique that Jennifer and I used to keep us tied up in the guest room for a while, before we would be allowed to walk to the garage. We would be tied to the ceiling by our nipples. When the ice melted on the other end of the string, we would be able to leave the room. But this wasn’t it to our self-bondage, there was more!

Both Jennifer and I attached a set of locking ankle cuffs around our ankles. Before we locked them, we made sure that the lock went through the end of a four-foot chain. Each lock was then locked securely. We were now connected by a chain attached to our ankles. The keys to the ankles cuffs were on the bed in the house. With the ankle cuffs locked on, I couldn’t remove my boots, so therefore I too, like Jennifer, will have to wear my high heeled boots and suffer the same foot bondage, all afternoon and evening until I could get into the house and unlock the cuffs.

The ankles cuffs left Jennifer and I with about four inches of room between our ankles. We were very effectively hobbled, and as some of us may know, trying to walk while hobbled in high heels is a bondage all by itself. Jennifer and I would have to walk all the way out to the front yard while hobbled, connected by a four foot chain, to get the house key, so that we could get inside to free ourselves from the rest of our bondage.

The next bondage item was the waist belts. Mine was a simple chastity belt which meant it had a leather strap that went around the waist and one that went through the crotch and locked in front. Jennifer’s was just a black four inch leather waist strap that also locked like mine with a hasp lock.

Attached to both of our waist straps in the back was a large “D”-ring to which our leather wrist cuffs were locked to. Jennifer put her waist belt on and I did the same with the chastity belt, pulling it good and tight pushing my dildo and butt plug deeper into their respective orifices. However, before we locked the belts on, we ran the locks through rings that were attached to the ends of a four foot wooden broomstick. This would keep Jennifer and I separated until we got back into the guest room and could get the keys to our waist belts, which were hanging over the bed. I will explain the reason for using the broomstick a little later.

I now turned on the TV and the VCR. Jennifer and I then hobbled over to where the nipple clamps were hanging and got ready for the final stages of our adventure.

It was time for the ball gags. These were specially made for this adventure. The gags included a medium size red rubber ball with a small chain running through the middle. Jennifer and I picked up our gags and put them in our mouths and then locked the chains tightly behind our heads, under our hair. These gags were a little bigger then what we had been using the whole weekend and they filled our mouths completely.

They were very effective in preventing Jennifer and I from talking to each other, let alone calling for help. Because of the locks, we would have to wear the gags for the entire period of self-bondage, because the keys to the locks for our gags were in the house. We would probably be wearing the ball gag along with the ankle cuffs and hobbles for about six or seven hours. It would just depend on when Jennifer and I could make that long trip around to the front yard to get the house key that was sitting in my mailbox.

Chapter 18: The moment of truth

I checked around the room and made sure that we had covered all aspects of our bondage. I also made sure one more time that our backup escape methods would work if we got in trouble. I made sure that I was standing in the right place to get the keys when they swung down. I had done this many times before, so I knew it would work, it would just take awhile.

Jennifer and I were now at the point of no return. We both very slowly and carefully attached a nipple clamp to each nipple. We then tried moving around a little bit to see how much play we had. We didn’t have much at all. We would almost have to stand in the same place for the whole time to prevent increasing the pressure to our nipples. The strings were short enough that our breasts were actually being lifted up by the nipples, but only a little. We could not bend our knees at all. Remember, these nipple clamps were the kind that got tighter as they were pulled, so trying to pull them off with the string would only increase the pressure, making matters worse. They were not going to slip off unless we fell or something and exerted lots of pressure. It was time for the final step, that moment of truth. We reached around behind us and put our wrists into the wrist cuffs. We both looked at each other, smiled behind our gags and locked them. Our only hope now was the melting of ice to save us. We were totally bound and gagged, and forced to stay in the room by our nipples. The broom stick kept us far enough apart so that I could not somehow reach over to Jennifer and release her nipple clamps and vice versa. It also keeps us together, one of us can not leave without the other, so we would therefore have to wait for both of the ice cubes to melt before we would be able to walk outside. That would be about two hours from now. The broomstick also forces both of us to stay still, not only for the discomfort in our own nipples, but for the other person’s nipples as well. If I move, Jennifer moves, and we both pay for it.

Chapter 19: Togetherness

For the first couple of minutes, Jennifer and I tried to get the feel of our bondage. We were good. There was going to be no escape from our bondage until the right time. We just had to try and relax and watch our bondage tapes. Hopefully this would take our minds off the dull ache that was starting to build in our nipples and in our jaws from the oversized ball gags that we had used.

Occasionally, we would try to pull the nipple clamps to see if we could get the ice to break or the clamps to slip off, but all our efforts only made the clamps tighten down harder and increase our discomfort. We would just have to wait.

Jennifer and I were fast learning the finer points of bondage, i.e., tight restraint, helplessness, and loneliness. We could not talk to each other because of the ball gags, and we could not touch or tease each other due to our bondage positions. We had talked about the possibility of something going wrong, forcing us to remain prisoners of our own bondage for God knows how long! That unknown possibility made being tied up all that much more exciting and worth while. It’s amazing what thoughts can go through your mind when you are all tied up and are relying on the simple melting of an ice cube for your freedom. (What if the string gets caught on the hook in the ceiling after the ice melts?… What happens if the garage door gets locked by mistake?… What if someone just happens to come into my backyard and look into the guest room?)

Being tied up is not all that bad if you are tied to a chair or tied on the floor or bed, but being tied up and forced to stand in very high heeled shoes or boots, for over two hours, is very hard on the feet, and what is worse is when you are forced to remain standing in one place by your nipples, that is worse yet (but exciting)! Add this to the fullness of the dildo and butt plugs and the bondage is almost complete. We could have added blindfolds but decided that the absence of sight along with the tight bondage would be too much. With the way we were tied, we would not have been able to help each other if one of us had fallen. Getting up would be hard enough without the blindfold…maybe next time under less stringent conditions.

It is funny how time seems to slow down when you want something to happen so bad. After about two hours of standing there having to remain very still, both Jennifer and I were ready to be free. You could see it in our faces, we were both drooling down our chins on to our chests and our nipples were very sore from all the tension of the nipple clamps. In addition, our shoulders and feet ached from the tight bondage and high heels.

At about the two and one half hour point, Jennifer’s ice cube melted enough to slip through the eyelet. She was now free but she could not go anywhere because she was attached to me by the broomstick and I was still attached to the ceiling by my nipples. Jennifer would just have to wait until I was free. Jennifer teased me by moving me around slightly with the broomstick, causing the pulling on my nipples to increase. I couldn’t wait to get free from this clamps and pay Jennifer back!

My ice cube melted about 15 minutes later and at this point we were both free to move out to the garage and start the second phase of our self-bondage adventure.

Chapter 20: The journey

The trip out to the garage was very slow. We had first checked the backyard to make sure it was clear and then we headed out. I had to walk backwards because the waist belt would not allow me or Jennifer to turn around.

It took about 85 steps to reach the garage door. The trip was fairly uneventful (too bad). We only had one problem along the way. The string that was attached to Jennifer’s nipple clamps was dragging along the ground and it got caught on a crack in the sidewalk. This stopped Jennifer in her tracks. We both knew that if we fell, there would be no way to stand back up. We would have to crawl as best as we could to get to the garage. We would then have to figure out how to open the door once we got there.

Crawling is hard too do when you are tied together and gagged and forced to coordinate your movements without talking. It is also hard to crawl when you have nipple clamps attached to your tits and these clamps have a six foot strings attached to them. Luckily, Jennifer’s string came free when we backed up in the other direction.

Once we were in the garage, we both realized that it was going to a problem to reach down and retrieve the key off the floor. We did not want to just fall from the standing position because with our hands locked behind us, we would probably get hurt. So we had to very slowly bend our knees until we were both squatting and then carefully lean over until we fell to the ground. (Next time we will put the key on a shelf that is waist high). Next time!

Luckily, Jennifer fell near the key and it was only a matter of shifting our bound bodies a couple of feet in order for her to get at it. Unfortunately the one thing that we did not practice was for Jennifer to try and unlock the wrist cuffs with leather gloves on. I could see that she was having a problem finding the key hole. It takes a lot of practice. However, after about five minutes, she shook her head in the yes direction trying to tell me that she had the key in the hole, however, as luck would have it, it was the wrong key. It did not fit Jennifer’s cuffs.

We would now have to reposition ourselves in such a way that I could use the key. This took a few minutes and it was complicated by the fact that Jennifer was lying on my nipple clamp string and I could not move until she got off it. She did and we got turned around and I got the key to my wrist cuffs and unlocked them. My hands were now free.

The first thing I did was to very carefully remove the nipple clamps from my tits. This turned out to cause more discomfort then leaving them on. They started to sting as the blood rushed back into the nipples. I slowly sat there as caressed them with my gloved hands until the pain subsided. Jennifer was getting impatient, so I next reached over and very slowly pulled on Jennifer’s clamps. Jennifer just closed her eyes and bit down on the ball gag. This was here payback for moving me around back in the guest room. The tough part was over.

Once my nipple clamps were off. clamps were off, we just laid on the floor for a few minutes catching our breath. When Jennifer was ready, I very carefully picked myself up off the floor, then I helped Jennifer up. Remember, we were still kept separated by the four foot broomstick and Jennifer’s hands were still locked behind her. After a little struggling, we were finally on our feet and ready to head back to the guest room. Before we left the garage, I decided that Jennifer needed some more pay back. As Jennifer eyes widened with shock, I carefully tied her nipple clamp string to the broomstick between us, causing her to stoop over. She would stay that way until we got back into the guest room. I’m sure that my turn for punishment was coming!

We first checked the backyard for any signs of intruders, there were none, and we started on that long walk back to the room. Again, I walked backwards, mainly because my hands were free and I could better balance myself. The trip was made without any hitches. The trip was a little slower due to the fact that Jennifer had to stoop over.

Once we got inside, I locked the door and we made our way over to the bed where I then reached up and retrieved the keys to our waist belts and Jennifer’s wrist cuffs. In a few seconds, I was free from the broomstick and removed my chastity belt. I then proceeded to unlock Jennifer’s wrists and removed her waist belt. Jennifer reached up and slowly removed her nipple clamps. What a relief. I could see it in her eyes. We both then removed our leather gloves, they had again served their purpose of prolonging the bondage.

We were now free except for our ball gags, ankle cuffs, and the four foot chain that still connected our feet together. The keys to all these locks, if you will remember, are on the bed in the house.

All we had to do now was wait for darkness so that Jennifer and I could make that long trip to the front yard and get the key to the back door. It was five o’clock now, so we had about four or five hours to kill, we only hoped that our jaws would make it for that amount of time. Since our ankles were still locked together, we couldn’t remove the latex panties and thus the dildo and butt plugs would remain with up the rest of the evening.

It was a long five hours to say the least. We couldn’t talk because of the ball gags, and we were always at least four feet from each other due to the chain at our ankles. We just spent our five hours watching the rest of my bondage videos and reading bondage magazines, hoping that the time would go quick, of course, it didn’t. We did manage to take the time for a quick lesbian affair on the bed. It was quite a sight. Two women bound and gagged, one booted the other one in heels. Each of us spent time caressing the other’s sore nipples and pushing the dildos in and out. Had we not been gagged the noise from the orgasms would have surely awakened the neighbors.

Chapter 21: The walk

At about nine-thirty that evening, we decided to try our luck at the long walk to the front yard. It was a very slow walk, especially in high heels and hobbles. We only hoped that no one would see us. It would look kind of funny seeing two bare-breasted females that were gagged, trying to walk out to the front yard.

The walk was long and fairly uneventful. We did have to wait in the shadows on the house for a couple on minutes while a car or two went past.

Eventually, we retrieved the key to the back door (even though Jennifer had made a mistake and put the key in my neighbors mailbox). Once we got back inside the house, we immediately unlocked and removed our ball gags, then removed our ankles cuffs. Jennifer then unlocked and removed her heels and I removed my boots. My feet were really sore and so were Jennifer’s.

We got out of our bondage outfits and slowly removed the latex panties, dildo, and butt plugs. Needless to say the dildo was wet and slippery. We then took a nice long hot shower together. We then settled down for a much deserved drink for the both of us and a cigarette for Jennifer.

During our break, we discussed our self-bondage experience. We both decided that we really enjoyed the experience very much but we had to admit that I liked the self-bondage better than Jennifer. Jennifer says that she does like to be tied up tightly by someone else who can then be in total control over her. She also stated that she prefers to be on the giving end of bondage more than the receiving end. That suited me just fine.

It was one of the best weekends of my life. The amount of bondage that was discussed, practiced, read about, and watched on video was enough to last most people a lifetime. What was best was that now I had a beautiful bondage partner that I could live out both of our many fantasies with.

As I walked Jennifer to the door that Sunday evening, we both looked at each and embraced in a long and wet kiss. We both know that we would do this again real soon.

After she had left, I was so excited that when I went to bed, I locked my big toes together with a set of thumbcuffs, gagged myself with a piece of grey duct tape, and then locked a set of handcuffs on my wrists in front of me. I then turned off the light and went fast asleep. All I could dream of was the many different bondage games that Jennifer and I could play.

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