Shiny transparent latex pantyhose Transparent latex again. And again it comes in the form of transparent latex pantyhose. In my mind this is what ideal pantyhose should look like: absolutely transparent, almost invisible, very shiny (with a razor thin stripe of the reflected light) and tight. However, there are some drawbacks (see also other posts).

Interesting thing. If you check the amount of available clothes made out of transparent latex on,,,, guess what the results would look like? (Click on the preformatted links to see the actual up-to-date results).

You’ll be surprised. 50 in the US, 29 in the UK, 535 in Austria and 586 in Germany (only 110 results for latex pantyhose!). Hey, UK and US, wake up! You are WAAAAAAAAY behind!

Have any pictures of pantyhose made out of transparent latex? Upload them in the forum thread